Cyberstalked: Cari Lea Farver


Because we like to do that we do so carries parents were Nancy and denny. And they fell in love with Nancy's just nineteen years old and then he was twenty one. They got married in nineteen seventy then in nineteen, seventy, two, their son Adam was born. Followed by Carey in nineteen seventy four. Nancy chose Adams name. So then he was to choose Carrie's name. Nancy wanted to name their daughter Kelly. Yes but after Kerry, well, yeah I guess Danny had seen this young girl singer on the Johnny Carson show I think it was really liked her thought she was talented and like the name Kerry. But then he changed the spelling to see a R. I Which I guess. Kind of. Plagued Carey in her youth because everyone was always misspelling her name. You gotta be careful with that. Right you do and this is before there were so many made up spellings like there are now me now you know that they're going to have special spellings of the kids names a lot of the time whatever whatever name you pick. Yeah exactly. The double E. The L. G. H. You know. All different variations, but anyway, Kerry had a hard time with people. Either mispronouncing or misspelling her name because of that. These were young kids when they got married they didn't have a lot of money at least early on. Danny work two jobs. And then finally he got a good paying position as an insurance actuary. This folks actually make pretty good money. Nancy was a skilled secretary. She is always organized and efficient. But like a lot of young marriages, it didn't last. So and Adam was four and can carry with eighteen months. Old Appearance got divorced. Adam maintain a close relationship with his father. Kerry was young when the divorce happened. So she was closer to her mother. But then he was a good father and carry visited him often as she got older. In nineteen seventy nine Nancy had been on her own for three years and it had been nine years since she had spoken to her high school sweetheart mark rainy. Nancy and mark were children together and their parents were really good friends. So in their parents would get together when they were kids Nancy and mark would play together along with their siblings. Now, once she was in junior high nancy began to notice mark romantically and he was one year ahead of her in school, but they continued to see each other. Nancy was shy and mark was the class clown and they were a couple from the time. She was fourteen until she completed high school. They used to go out on double dates go to concerts dances the whole nine yards. Yard then she met Denny and dump them right or are they broken up before I know of it was that simple? I mean, they attended different colleges. So mark was an art major in Missouri and Nancy went to business school in des, Moines Iowa, and that's where she met Denny. So I wouldn't say she dumped mark. You know that kind of thing happens that does yeah. So by the summer of Nineteen seventy-nine, Nancy had been a single mom for a while. And when she is invited to a friend's wedding back in her hometown of Macedonia.

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