Russia Registers Virus Vaccine, Putin's Daughter Given It


Country with the Corona virus vaccine that has cleared for use, but some scientists aren't so sure. Russian President Vladimir Putin said one of his daughters has already been given the vaccine. The standard three faces of testing haven't been completed. Though Putin says the vaccine went through all the necessary tests to ensure its safe, US scientists have warned rushing to use the vaccine before phase three trials involving thousands of people could backfire. Amy Kellogg has more video. Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct investment fund, asks skeptics to keep an open mind. The scientists understand that knows the credibility of our institute is very strong because it's one of the best institutions a vault on big scenes. And we may not be very strong in some other areas. But Maxine's Russia is strong. Russia says it will keep testing its vaccine but plans to use it from October on people like health care workers and teachers. Studies is

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