New Jersey Governor Not Ruling Out Remote School Mandate


News update schools in the South of sent students home after positive tests, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says he's being cautious. Correspondent Meg Oliver. He's not ruling out ordering a statewide all remote learning mandate, even at the 11th hour. I think superintendents are extremely concerned they're wasting their time. Developing these hybrid models know they're not wasting their time. Even if at the last minute you have to say, Hey, we have to go all remote. You just can't take off the table that this thing is going to rear its head and we have to be prepared for that Big Sky Conference has now scrubbed college football for the fall. CBS's James Brown get all the hoopla poppin circumstance associated with sports, but should not health and welfare safety be the top priority, and CDC director Robert Redfield tells Web D. It's not just Covad 19 anymore. This is a year I'm asking people to really I just think deep down about getting flu vaccine, CBS News update. I'm Peter King. It is

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