38 percent of Americans listen to podcasts to improve their mood



Thirty eight percent of Americans, listen to podcasts to help improve them mood that's according to new research from Deza, the music and podcasts streaming company founded. Americans are three times as likely to use podcasts to combat loneliness compared to some European countries. An update from anchor following our story yesterday that I could automatically delete your account without warning Anka. Say they do not have an algorithm that automatically deletes duplicates. Instead, the company's is a combination of automated and human detected signals to assess potential infringements and tell news podcasts always elevated to human before any action is taken. In the case, we reported on the podcast hat quote, similar contents to the lipson hosted spotify enlisting. Their return one has subscribed to Nielsen's podcast buying power service. They'll have access to podcast insights spanning eighteen genres and over one hundred and fifty individual podcast titles Bubba. The love sponge a radio personality in the US has launched the Baba Army podcast, which is to be reps by crossover. Media Group Sales Bubba calls it a guests driven podcast that's fresh current relevant, and will become a daily destination for folks who want to have a little fun. iheartradio and Sean Dylan's media announced new podcast with more on the way sean to land media's. AWARD-WINNING TV writer and producer Shonda rhines and you APPs shuffle looks interesting promising that you swipe for the top podcast highlights. Stati cast is a new simple static podcast website generator. If your idea of simple uses composer and markdown, that is now one in five creative jobs are expected to be lost during this pandemic diversity podcast greater than eleven percent is marking twenty thousand downloads. Downloads with crowdfunding efforts to raise twenty thousand pounds for small grants for those in need of support

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