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Patriots Paul Spartan here from the Midnight Patriots. So, one of the. Feel about anchored now. When we started this insanity we always tell people. The reason we do this is because insomnia sucks almost as bad as tyranny. We would have these conversations between ourselves the group chats. Throws and things like that. We thought, hey man, you know we should just record a podcast but the more we looked the more expensive became. We Cross anger. Anger gives you all the tools you need to do this to make your voice heard and get your voice out there. You have an opinion you gotta use anchor everything from recording to editing to distribution that you'd be all the tools that you need. To allow you to record your podcast right for your phone or your computer. Anchor covers distribution by getting on. Apple. spotify and many many others I mean how you can make money right from your own podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need in one spot in one place simple and effective. So get yourself anchor make voice her. All Right Patriots welcome again to another episode of the Midnight Patriots. Here from the Mile High Command Center the paper to PRICELESS DOT COM studios. Of today, we're going to be discussing the defunding police movement an idea that has picked up steam recently has become a rallying cry for far left protesters, rioters and seemingly anarchist groups. And we wanted to put some thoughts out there about this It seems to me that. We have a problem that requires more of a solution than just defunding. Systemic racism in my opinion is Beth. now, some people would with that. That said. If the narrative that we're going to be that is being shoved down our throats is to be believe that people of Color of. All Ages? Seated shining see in this country are being quote hunted by racist armed hate-mongers. Now that said if if that is in fact, the case. Why would you wanNA define the one organization that has the legal authority in the equipment. To protect you. That seems like a pretty fall said, it seems like a false dichotomy false comparison a false premise to start conversation PHOENIX. What are your thoughts? You know I'm GonNa take this a step further. The phone, the police movement. That is going to move a certain direction and stop. Once, they have figured out that. The one entity. That has sworn upon their own life to defend. There's like. Is Actually doing the job. We. Look at Minneapolis looks. legit. Atlanta's for the three top of my head. All of them have the same premise of less defunding. On the police, define the police. It went a step further into. Let's abolish the police install a private. Very. Force. That has absolutely no training. As No understanding of each individual law that a grand jury a whatever. If. Going to try and paying on. A criminal, a offender, a day walker anybody. Whatever you WANNA call it. So. My name might taking this step further into the question is what exactly we're trying to de-fund. I. Do numerous other people and no. One can give me an answer. It's always just defined defunding. Okay. So Great. Now we have a narratives being Ramdan, our throat. When all in all actuality is, hey, let's just bringing this back to the wild west little set like men up. Yeah I mean that's exactly the way I. See it is if you're going to defend the police and define them then yeah. What we're GONNA have is is you know the your your proverbial gun show earth sugar your gunfight at high noon in the middle of the street. That said cryptic. What are your thoughts on the matter? While I mean if you go I, find that going to be very odd if they try and go wild west because you know the same group behind the protests in the defunding, the police are the same ones who want to raise taxes and have all these limitations on ammo and guns and everything else that. You're going to be able to do that. We're going to have to throw stones at each other. Because, they're going to keep trying to get rid of. Guns and AMMO. I mean. It's maximilian face with white gloves and We'll go back to sword fight fifth. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because you know guns don't have near the range of a sword. A you know. That's an excellent point. I mean, they're they're trying to you know the presumptive destroyed comedy Slimy Joe. Biden. Has Basically announced that east common for the guns and they're going to basically raise taxes on firearms and ammunition to where they are completely unaffordable to anyone that's not in the billionaire boys You know that'd be that being said. How and how the me get to this point I mean you're you're talking about defunct not not obviously not us we think it's a crazy. Lunatics idea. What do they want to replace it with? I mean, let's let's be honest mental Minnesota in Minneapolis the same city council that saw fit to abolish the police department Arben has hired mercenaries for the private security force. Now. I see a far more disturbing outcome here boys, and that is that you know we have people acting with the fourth and backing of the law. And have no oath to uphold the constitution they're loyal only to money. That's a win win. If you're a leftist Marxist wants to light the constitution on fire because you have thugs running around at the under the color and force of law with automatic weapons. Now, if people think that trump is ending in in the army, what do you think's going to happen when we have quote unquote law enforcement that has no that are basically political puppets. Call that. KGB Custodio or exactly. Exactly. You'RE GONNA turn from. You know right now everybody's all up in. Arms with you know Military. Being, sent to Seattle and stuff like that like military forces or. Whatever that whatever they are that they're complaining about having martial law budget they wanNA with the funding this which are gonNA run into is you're actually GONNA run into mercenaries Latsis. You know either they're working for the buck or they think they're doing good by be judge jury and executioner for anybody they come across you know doing something they don't like because nobody can have their own opinion like and be civil about it. It's either you agree with me or you're wrong. that. You'RE GONNA run into all these fights and all these these vigilantes more or less that are going to sit there, and they're going to have guns and they're going to. Attack and kill innocent people just because they don't agree with what they think. About. Exactly. And like I said, that's a win win for Marxist politicians who have somehow seized power and now want want to run rampant over the constitutional whether we like it or not. I don't agree with with the with the with a lot of the things that bid the organization black lives matter stands for the organization to me is a self admitted Marxist. Violence approving organization now. I can't get kind the organization I. Don't think that any of US disagree the that black lives do matter just like every other. Form of life matters and regardless there everyone in this country is is is entitled to due process. I agree there's you know that there is race racism racism exists we we've seen. Plenty of it and I completely agree that that needs to go away. Of course, I'll ever. I do not believe that there is systematic I mean everybody. One way or another has the opportunity. And responsibility to themselves to. Get, the life that they want. Why agree that's? That's what that's what pursuit of happiness is all about. It's not the pursuit of joy quote unquote it was meant to the in that context as it context as written in the declaration of independence in the Constitution as pursuing your own circumstances. Working working to be what you want to be. I mean honestly I, you want to so defend the polices. The wrong way to go now do I think you know there are almost every state I can think of Over uses their budget. Or uses it incorrectly and find themselves up Shit Creek and some point now inside the funding the police. What should happen is that the police have you know? Better, I mean, honestly better training. Right I. Mean sometimes, you have the the. The police the Police Academy or whatever, and then you're thrown right out. You know on the beat with a superior or something like that, and obviously you being a fresh gumshoe sitting there dealing with somebody who's been on the force for a while you're learning from them. So you know if you get a bad cop as a superior, they're gonNA freak out because they don't know. To stop them, they don't know what to do. Because they're too worried about their job because there isn't training for that kind of thing. So I, I think that they need to revamp the training and they need to make every All officers that. that are serving should have to do. Something like a fresh training course or A. An up-to-date with all the changes that happen because we know societies like a computer, it's something it's out of date and six months. Air Every you know every year, every two years they have to get recertified training or something to that extent that just helps them. Update helps them mitigate the issues that they come across in a better way. You know take that. Then some of these God awful construction plans that they don't need to do like take Colorado's redoing stapleton. Oh God right spent millions of dollars. They're now you take that you invest in getting in creating another sub department doesn't the police but you get a another department that deals with you know Domestic domestic disturbances and. Family matters they can be counselors therapists whatever now they should have cops with them. You know in it is something that requires a police officer or Some sort of. Of Force or. Something that the police are trained for but I think some of these things like the people that do actually have mental health problems that. They you know they they don't have self-awareness were there at all they become crazy or something some of them would be able to. Diffuse the situation before a cop has to. Think that they're. Defending their life from somebody who's just acting rational because they just mentally aren't there. Well, that's the that's the real question is it is is that how how do we Do we define those situations because I'm going to get into a few things here after the after the break your boys and we will will continue on and I'm probably GonNa Piss a lot of the cops that I know off by some things going to get GonNa say so patriots stick with this year will be right back. Patriots is Paul sparking with a shameless plug for our New Year store. That's right. Midnight Patriots now offers t shirts, coffee mugs just about every other purchase where on your body the check it out go to shop midnight gatriways dot. com is way to both embrace your insomnia display your patriotism, and tell your governor to go himselves. So that Shop Dot Patriots Dot Com fifteen percent off right now for a limited time now back to the show. Okay. So as I mentioned in the previous segment, probably going to piss off a lot of cops that I know and I can't believe I'm actually going to say part of what I'm going to say. here in the Mile High Command. Center. We. Are. Unfortunately in the current being subjects of governor, jared police. Now I want to state unequivocally I. Have Zero problem that he is day openly that doesn't bother me a bit I don't care that he watches a different kind of porn than I do I don't care who he sleeps with. The guy's a timer. I gotta say I will criticize words do and I will give credit words do. Now, I'm not going to go over the whole article, but there was an article that recently appeared to the dead post about the some of the things that we were just talking about as a pretend to what I feel like our common sense police reforms. Now. I'm not GonNa Not GonNa read the article which but everybody can go look it up, Denver Post. dotcom can't believe I'm giving them pleader but. that. said. Cookie issues really stood up three sorry, three key issues really stood out for me in this legislation. Firstly that they're going to demilitarize a patrol police which I can't help but agree with okay If Your average ordinary citizen is not to not able to carry an AK47 or a ar fifteen around without being assaulted without being questioned by police than the police shouldn't have meter I don't have a problem with that and they said that the details are in the. Second. Is that. They have in fact. reinstituted or excuse me reduced. All immunity. Now, a lot of people may not know what qualified immunity is basically what allows cops to do what they do without any sort of fear of repercussion. So what? The Colorado Legislature has done is institute civilized ability for individual officers that are not accused but but found to be I don't WanNa say guilty but found responsible for the violation of an individual's civil civil liberties. And that liability is up to twenty five, thousand dollars per incident. Number three police are now held to the same standard that has gone on in corporate America in the private sector for. Decades You know we've all been through those work in the corporate world have all been through sexual harassment or bottomline harassment training okay. it's no stranger. It's that class that you have to. You have to guzzle coffee in and remain silent while world hold what sexual predators we are for. You know where we place our gaze to you know every other male male behavior that said as part of that training. What we're an abuse to is the idea of collusion what collusion means is that if you witnessed harassment or bullying or something that blatantly violates company policy or law. That if you don't come forward, report it and it's found out that you know about the new face, the same disciplinary measures as the offender. That includes that because liability Does your jobs. ETC etc.. and. This law requires that good cops deal with bad cops and report the. I don't see any of those three articles as a bad idea. Okay. Now, obviously being accused of something he's not the same as being guilty of it but. The at the very least, there is some sort of relief release mechanism or shooting relief mechanism there. To help solve the problem, a lot of people don't realize that the qualified immunity is not even really a statute. is a precedent put forward as. A. Means of fighting the drug war. which I won't get into that but that's complete total violation of the fourth minute. anyways. But it's part of a reduction of of constitutional liberties. that includes things like civil liability are shooting civil forfeiture asset forfeiture so Dumb any comments on that I mean I feel like those are good ways to actually start solving the problem as opposed to to complete quote defunding. are there issues with it certainly, but I think the mechanisms are in place to make it make closeable your thoughts. will allow me if I may. I'm going to step back, yours. You know maybe we can have social worker. With. Police escort as such. They, have. Like that in place in every department. The key of it is. There so understaffed that they cannot take on the type of workload that. A METRO AREA DENVER A. Atlanta Baltimore Mineapolis. They don't have the resources for that and. If I may be so fold. We have politicians in place in offers that hey, you can get by on a two hundred, fifty thousand dollars budget for the year for that program alone. It doesn't work like that well, then and to your point directly wouldn't that justify an increase in the overall police budget to put people like that in place as opposed to defunding will again you've gotta remember you're dealing with politicians that they can get it in their pocket. It's all just a day for them. Absolutely I agree with that cryptic your thoughts. Well, yeah and I mean that's kind of where I was going is that you know not defunding the police but. They need to instead of defunding them they need to add funds to them because to make those kinds of programs or to hire more people that they can. Do that they pay them. I mean. You know I know cops were scared life every day dealing with any of those situations I mean. In a sense, you need to pay the the therapist or the counseling or whoever those people are you need to pay them. A. In, a in a matter of speaking pay wage worth their life. Oh, absolutely I mean everybody got to eat. We all agree with that concept but job comes with certain wrists that they shouldn't be naive to. When walking into the situation I mean agree or disagree.

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