Remembering Chadwick Boseman, Best of 2020 MTV VMAs

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Welcome to daily pop. It was a difficult weekend here in Hollywood as we all learned about the tried to death of Chadwick both men are tribute to him is coming up last night he was honored at Vm as this year was definitely different but you know what? It was still one hell of a show. I truly never could have imagined that someday I would be given an award like this that honored me. For so many of my passions. Is Rough as been. There have been incredible moments of inspiration. We've seen heroes go above and beyond and with the black lives matter. Movement. We've. Seen our generation up. Hard to celebrate. So I'm going to say justice for Jacob Laken justice for Briana Taylor. Quiz. She looks good. By you by the way I was so skeptical of this via may because I? Feel like a lot of the vm as is all the little things that we catch like the jokes and like the artists, reactions to things but the performances in compromise chloe and Halle came through executed. So amazing. I. Was so impressed by them. Dolgin cat her first time performing on the stage killed. It for a first timer and Miley Cyrus I'm GonNa Bring. You guys on a train real quick. You know when you're older and you look back at all the moments that share and Madonna had and they look so different than it performed in different clothes and different looks and we thought it was legendary reliving through that with Miley Cyrus right now, she is a legend in the making. This woman, transform herself and transform herself and bring just her essence to this stage time and time. Again, she is an icon that's an extra Conrad there I appreciate it the throwback to the wrecking ball but changing it to a disco ball I was like I like this I think is good. Listen I miss the audience I missed the live in rations. This isn't how I want the show to be every year but I did thoroughly enjoy and I do think like in quarantine we were missing having a show like this something to look forward to see some live performances. So I think we're just grateful to get. Anything. I think they did the best that they could. I definitely do I think miley Cyrus looked amazing. I. tweeted that last night I disagree about the wrecking ball thing I was kind of like, okay like I want to see a different ending but she looked unbelievable there were a lot of really good performances Kiki. We all said this before the show she did an incredible job lawless Avi she really did she looked good I loved all outfit changes and I just think that they did the best that they could. So the show was entertaining but obviously, it's not. It's not what we're used to seeing. You know, of course, always miss the red carpet my it was still you know well done. There was no Napoli. Live. because. So much of it was prerecorded obviously throughout the week that there was no air. You know there was no room for awkward moments that really and you kind of love that about an award show right? You love those awkward mildly what's been Love that you'd be like there's nothing going wrong turn everything is going to be under control and. I would love that if I was hosting it but as a viewer, I, like this level up. But. Kiki back to give. A shout onto her stand an empty room. But pretend like you have an entire audience. Cheer you on is an. Insanely difficult and she brought the energy she made me feel like she was truly talking to a crowd which was one hundred. I would have done that job down and walk away from money very easily. But the thought of doing that without a crowd and holding everybody's attentions for two hours. You couldn't pay me to get on that stage. And she asked. Leslie for sure. Good job. Well, we have to talk about lady Gaga because literally. The night belonged to her, she crushed it serving up four different looks for her five acceptance speeches. She even had a different mask for each wardrobe change real quick. What did you guys think masks I thought I I. Didn't think she needed it for every outfit. I, appreciate it. It's. It's a stain the definitely a statement. It's definitely kind of it just in theme with WHO Lady Gaga is I feel like I realized after the Third Mask Oh, she's incorporating a mask and outfit but at first I was just like this lady Gaga Cheetah kind of goes forward in terms of fashion there's always that element of shock value. So I didn't even realize that she was trying to even go the route of wearing some sort of face covering our masks. So it just sort of worked but like I agree looking backwards like you didn't need one for every single outfit, but it works for her tattoos agreed. Okay. I disagree. I think you'RE GONNA make a statement and you're going to tell people to mask up and to serve your country in this way then you walk the walk and she did it I will say I love that Lady Gaga Connoisseur went from you know the meat wet dress wearing person all the way to the glamorous on who accepted that Oscar in that beautiful Valentino dress and to see her incorporate the outrageous with the classic Hollywood you saw that in each outfit looking at this unbelievable moment you. Dress you could've seen Oscar stage you could have saw the. Wearing that to the Golden Globes but she took it. She made it her own.

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