What Should I Look For In A College


I before finding a college and thinking about things to consider when fighting college is really important to start with yourself. What do you value? What type of academic environment will lead you towards your goals? And then it makes the process that much easier to focus on the school. So to help you share five factors to consider as you're thinking about a college. So number one focus on the major do you know what you already want to study if? So that's great check to see if the colleges on your shortlist of that specific major. But if you're not sure what you want to study, that's okay to just make sure that the colleges at you're interested in have a wide variety of majors from which to choose that way you can explore and. As you're discovering what it is, you wanNA major in it will make it easier to land into that major without adding time to the clock and you can do this by clicking on maybe the academic tab on their website to take a look at their majors or contact the office of admissions source. If there's a way you can get on their mailing lists to get a paper brochure for your specific major go through look take a look at it take a look at majors, minors concentrations, but see what they actually offer in terms of the program. Now the second thing is the financial factor. So what is the cost of attendance? You know all the cost associated with going to that particular school, the tuition fees, the room and board all let's involved with attending that particular school. But you also want to focus on the money that they offer. So check out the scholarships and I'm GonNa talk about that in today's scholarship tip. Now don't let the sticker price scare you because often what the published price is depending on your personal financial position as a household. Most likely, not be what you pay So it's it's important to build a list, but I want you to focus on that financial peace and you can do that with some researches well. The third factor, your student activities. So think about what you're currently doing at high school that you enjoy. Do you want to continue to do some of that? Maybe if you're part of your high school's band, do you WanNa be a part of your colleges band or maybe you're looking forward to try and things that you weren't able to do in high school maybe you live in more inland and you want to go to a school. Close to the beach or close to bodies of water because you want to study something related to marine life and and so you're gonNA explore things that you never could really do. But take a look at their activities, think about your interests and find a college that allows you to explore and pursue those interests. So not just the academic focus, but those extra curricular. So student activities, and again, you can check out what the school has to offer by going to their website and taking a look at student life and activities. You know maybe doing a search if it's not real easy to find with a TAB but. One of the best ways I like to do it and I tell students my students to do this. is by checking out their instagram page because what I find on the website. Those are sometimes staged photos or very they're very scripted. But when you go to an instagram page, that's real life that shows you what's happening it's in the moment and even if it's done by the school, if it's schools instagram page, they're capturing actual students doing whatever it is. that. That particular activity is and so that's a great way to find out what some of those student activities are. Now. The fourth thing focus on the campus amenities. So those are some of the. The the extra things that you're going to spend your time doing or participating in, and that would be residence life. So where are going to sleep and live dining you know are there campus options if you're in a city area or an area where there are many restaurants in a college town or you know It on campus dining? What are some of the meal plans available? Do you have to use their meal plans? do they accommodate special diets such as Vegan or gluten free but back to the residence halls? What type of halls are there singles? Doubles doubles, apartment styles how much do they cost? WHO's eligible are their communities where you are grouped with the students who are like minded may by the same major or same special interest some schools call those living learning communities. So do they offer that kind of experience in their residence hall? Then, also may be some additional on site services such as tutoring and students support. If you have a student who needs a little extra help do they offer support for students with learning differences? So finding out what are some of those? Amenities medical facilities is there a place on campus for medical care if your students should get sick or your students should have an accident maybe they follow their bike and you know and hurt themselves what do they do? Where do they go? So some college campuses have on campus pharmacies there have Banks, grocery stores, counseling centers. So find out what some of those onsite services are, and then is there a place not for just organized sports in terms of soon activities, but for recreational opportunities so maybe there's a REC center or a gem or they offer group fitness classes or they have a you know a basketball corridor you know just some of those other recreational opportunities available because you're gonNA spend just as much time outside of the classroom. As you are inside and so. Your mental wellness where you sleep where you eat your eating options, all those things are just as important.

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