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Patriots Pau. Spartan here from the Midnight Patriots. So, one of the. Feel about anchored now. When we started this insanity, we always tell people. The reason we do this is because insomnia sucks almost as bad as tyranny. We would have these conversations between ourselves the group chats. Throws and things like that. We thought, Hey, man, you know we should just record a podcast but the more we looked the more expensive became. Get Cross anger. Anger gives you all the tools you need to do this to make your voice heard and get your voice out there. You have an opinion you gotta use anchor everything from recording to editing to distribution that you'd be all the tools that you need. To allow you to record your podcast right for your phone or your computer. Anchor covers distribution by getting on Apple. spotify and many many others I mean how you can make money right from your own podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need in one spot in one place simple and effective. So. Get yourself anchor make voice her. Hello America. And welcome to the midnight. Patriots involves Spartan and I am flanked by Phoenix, Drip Dick, and mark. We are the midnight patriots and you may be asking yourselves why in the hell are we doing this? Well, got to be honest with you. Everybody has insomnia sucks almost as bad as tyranny that and we have day jobs. So we're GONNA talk in the series about the Constitution the bill of rights politics national current events. WE'RE GONNA call out here anyway guardless of the perceive political flavor using these standards of information logic and a passion for liberty. So that being said, I wanted to read something here real quick on our maiden voyage as sort of a sort of a way to set the standard. This this passage I'm about to read was actually written by. Thomas Paine one of our founders and framers, and regardless of how you see this man and the values that he possessed in that day that this was written this was written about seven months after the excuse me five months after the declaration of independence. So this is a this is a passage from December twenty, third, seventeen, seventy, six many of you have heard the the the line of this but I'm to go a little bit deeper into it, and hopefully this'll give the show some sort of context and and we hope we can earn your support as as time goes on. So this is from December twenty, third seventeen, seventy, six when the When the Revolutionary War was still going on and it says says as follows. These are the Times that try men's souls. Summer soldier in the Sun signed gatriways will in this crisis shrink from the service of their country. But he that stands by it now deserves the love and the thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, there's not easily conquered. Yet, we have this consolation with us at the heart of the conflict, the more glorious triumphs. What we obtained too cheap. We assume too lightly. It is dearness only that gives every thing. It's value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price on its goods. And it would be strange indeed if so celestial and article as freedom. Should not be highly rated. So those are the kind of the words that I could keep in mind as we go through this in every man here every person associated with this show would definitely be on the flag to make sure that the stretch stay read. So we're GONNA open up tonight and we're going to kind of open up the insanity that we've been seeing around our country regarding corona virus covid nineteen. Now everybody fever mind that none of us are medical professionals and our virologist by any stretch of the imagination where relating experiences and questions nothing that we say should be taken as any sort of diagnostic approach or any sort of Expert opinion. That said yours truly your host here Paul Spartan well, actually come at this from a perspective of being Osha certified in matters of respirators and and breathing protection. the rest of US come at this from from our own particular viewpoints and speculations. So let's just get started off So boys, we got we have. Governors California and Texas walking. Act Actual reopenings and we've got quote unquote more and indecisive confirmations, Cova, spreading but for but amazingly somehow in New York, they're reporting any new deaths or anybody WANNA start with an opinion on that. Honestly. You know I mean there's been some conversation prior to. Between myself and the other members. That's. Something is pulling the strings somewhere. Other than CDC, a hospital staff, surgeon, general things of that nature. Quite honestly, you know whatever it was whatever stream you Asian that recently came out that. Took a Italy Area. Jersey Pennsylvania. Great. Has stated sure. But why is it only California Texas? That more back that we know of your again to the states in the continental United States. Voting populace in those states. So my question now. WHO formed strings? Think. That's the overarching point here is that you know in in my experience not to get too nerdy and go too far down the rabbit hole but the same government that's telling us you know to be afraid and take particular actions like wearing cloth masks. Are the same ones that are telling us that the cloth masks don't work. I can tell you from from Osha Training and ocean certification that airborne pathogens particularly viruses. Are listed in the sub micron rage. Now that sounds that sounds really really you know interesting or maybe even boring but something that has to be realized is that when something is a sub micron particle. It passes right through the we've of a mask. Require its own moisture source. Now. Obviously state standard state standards vary but in the train I've received anything in the sub micron range requires a A. A SELF CONTAINED OXYGEN SOURCE With the use of a mask in that in that particular bio suit I mean if you WanNa, take a look and you think you're safe by wearing a cloth mask look at whatever rally just wears in a lab. When he's working with this type of contagion, it isn't a cloth masks. He wears a moon suit with a separate oxygen supply I mean there seems to be my perception is that the same people that are that are trying to Promote the panic are the ones trying to peddle a secure and make trillions and any thoughts on John? I think they're actually. No I. Think There's definitely you know financial motivation behind. This whether it's big whether it's by hospitals by a parent companies own hospitals. I mean. There's definitely something I think that financially pushes everything I mean between them getting you know a nice. paycheck at for each person, they list with Kobe or each person that unfortunately passes. listed. With Kovin. You, know they get a Giant financial. Yes if you will. Of money which I think pushes ally of these. Claims of more cases rising I mean like we. Previously is if you talk about the fact that of you know there's people around that work in the profession that there are things have been going around that they've sent. You know unused test the places. And they've come back positive when they haven't been used. But who who? Who who is the guy over in Africa, that tested a tested a fruit and a goat. And they both came back. Positive. Does anybody remember that news But you already your point but more to your point I believe the last figure I heard to. Last year I heard from the federal government was somewhere in the area of fifty to eighty five thousand dollars total for the treatment, and if the the particular person passes, the patient passes they get more. Does anybody have any information to dispute that because I think that was the last count that I heard. Be last information that I have. At, least. It's nineteen thousand dollars for a diagnosed case. Thirty eight thousand dollars if they are required hospital say and it goes up exponentially require respirator ICU care. They stay longer than hot. You're in you're out you're gone. So that being said. We all know that it'll supposedly. This bill. Gates himself and his research company. Or the ones that. Found viruses no did all the. Problems. I'm looking for here research. But. My question is if they did all the research, why did they come up with as well or have they? That's a question I posed to you folks. Well, I know they re you know they actually waiting to get ten thousand dollars plus from insurance companies and the federal government per dose mean. There's an argument to be made there. I mean, the guy is not a doctor nor is he of Arale just he just wants to make a make a killing on the here. Now that by the way is not an argument for any sort of socialized medicine. It's an absolute. It's an absolute disgusting power-hungry move at the cost of well forget about just American lives. What about globally, what have what is a million people in the ground now lifted discovered related At least one point three. If I remember correctly I could be wrong. Well, I got the second portion. Really a big to ask now is Bill Gates can't keep a bug out of his own computers what you're GONNA do with the world. Exactly number one key couldn't build a computer didn't crash three times a day for no reason. So why would we trust him with with people's lives? You know I mean he would. There was a there was a tit for tat went back and forth on social media several several years ago when he was still a once he was the kingpin of Microsoft. And he had mentioned something like You know if the auto industry had made many advances in the computer industry over the last twenty years, we'd all be driving cars that got a thousand miles to the gallon and went from zero to one hundred and two seconds to which I believe. It was the CEO at the time of Ford replied. Well. Yeah. But then the cars would crash twice a day for no reason. So. I mean you. Good Cryptic. I was GonNa say, well, then you you look at Osso. When you're talking about these numbers, go into hospitals. How many hospitals or possibly owned by the same parent company that owns the farms that the big farms that are gonna sit there and. Produce this vaccine all the sudden. Or? Not to say that they don't already have it and are just. Still waiting. I mean I know there's always testing and they have to get FDA approval and God knows what else but I mean, what's to say? that. They're not. You know getting twice the paychecks. On. Both things. Oh. Yeah. There's there's no doubt they're doubling down does absolutely no doubt doubling down your that said the other the other things that I've noticed here I don't know if everybody's been keeping up like I have. There's a Lotta unconstitutional shift happening. Okay. And I mean. Just heard I. Heard I. Heard Mark Heard Mark Giggling that that's fine because. The little that they'll get into that in a little bit but also just I wanna take a moment mark You serve this country with honor and distinction for several years in that in the military and I got to thank you for that Phoenix. You did as well and I got to say thank you for that. You protected my right to become a fat video playing hotdog eating copy guzzling douchebag that you see before you now and some of US servicemen appreciate that and Thank you. Appreciate. Bill. Hey they already did. They're called the IRS and believe me they're up my don't shit. I don't know where they I don't know where I ended maybe. It's not. So we've got measured we've got measures being proposed in in in multiple stages. Here is all the way from you know putting additional taxes on firearms to ammunition and then requiring a federal license. To purchase either. we've got the state of California. Who is you know? Well, let's just be honest they're doing what California does. It essentially eliminated their own their own Anti discrimination laws I don't know how that happened Where the hell does anybody see an end game here other than complete and total? Marxist. Shithole. That's where these lefties and I'm not GONNA say Liberals. Anymore. He's people are leftist-marxist pigs and by the way if any of you listening fuck off, don't ever come back. None of us here at. Fourth Yeah. This year at the Midnight Patriots give a flying fuck what you We don't have time to answer your e mails and believe me you're better off just turning off because if you heard that your heads probably. And I don't WanNa hear about it. Okay. You be somewhere else. All right. Man Okay. So we've got all this massive gun control legislation which I'm assuming. That this is going to veto once it hits his desk, roll it into something else and he doesn't see it. I mean. Does anybody else you positive outcome here other than

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