Episode 143 - Henry Akins

Cleared Hot


Gentlemen this episode of the Podcast is brought to you by. Magic Spoon many people have asked me. Is this serial as I describe it? The answer is yes. They sent me four boxes I absolutely crush them. It is delightful. That is the word that I'm going to use. I always love Cyril when I was growing up but as I got older. And actually started paying attention to what I was shoveling in my face. You realize when you read the side of a cereal box, it can be a little bit startling. The amount of sugar in there is well depending on the brand or type pretty much insane. So for me for a long time, Syria was kind of out but it's my favorite snack and I love it. When my kids bring cereal to the house because they never eat the whole box and I would shove my face but then feel bad but I found a solution for that because. Magic spoon like I said, is delightful zero sugar eleven, grams of protein and only three net grams of carbs in each serving. Cocoa Fruity frosted blueberry. Comes in a variety pack you can try it all and it tastes amazing. It does like too good to be true everybody that I have given some to has enjoyed what it tastes like it is awesome. Give it a try. It's Kito friendly gluten free grain free so Low CARB IN, GMO? Free. GO TO MAGIC SPOON DOT COM. Slash cleared hot to grab a variety pack and you can try it today probably not today if you're gonNA order it on the Internet. But soon

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