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Court. We even saw a pretty damn good matchup ended About an hour ago. The Miami Heat won over the bucks. 1 15 104 to take Game one. Jimmy Butler, a career high 40 points. A lot offense. Lot of controversy controversy in the bubble lot offense, a lot of guys looking real comfortable so on the line right now. We have to bring on an MBA champion. New Jersey's finest won a title with the Cavaliers back in 2016 is Dante Jones. Dante, How are you? I'm gonna read it on. I'm good man. Thanks for taking it on the hop on. I want to get a right inside things. What were your initial thoughts senses pretty damn fresh about the matchup that we saw between the the heat in the Bucks. I just told everybody, I guess the one warden in Yana San's compose game decided to show up even though it was game one. Yeah,

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