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Detain suspects for up to six months without official charge. Chung is a Chinese born Australian citizen and the Australian Embassy isn't consular services had been able to talk to Chang by video. She's the second high profile Australians. It isn't to be detained as Australian Chinese relations worsen. Last January. Chinese diplomat turned Australian academic Young hoon gene was arrested on suspicion of espionage. China has opened multiple anti dumping investigations and Australian products and slapped high tariffs on Australian imports of beef and barley. As camera takes a harsher stands a curtailing Chinese political and economic influence in Australia. Emily Fang. NPR NEWS Beijing Three small Baltic states reportedly are imposing travel bans on Bella Russian officials, including the embattled President, Alexander Lukashenko. Reuters reporting that Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia are imposing sanctions against those they accused of rigging the vote in Lukashenko's favor in the August 9th election.

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