A Kennedy is on the ballot in Massachusetts. Here's why he's not guaranteed a victory.


And out front up next we're. Just. From one of the most closely watched primaries this year a young Kennedy on the ballot in Massachusetts but can he unseat a seventy four year old incumbent? Because it's about ideas I am the youngest guy. In. This race. Tonight and the fight for twenty twenty a usual dynamic emerging Massachusetts ahead of tomorrow's Democratic Senate primary. The incumbent in his seventies was support from progressives, his challenger young and Kennedy Manu. Raju is out front. The Hiroshima Political Dynasty the grandson of the leap Robert F Kennedy campaigning to serve in the Senate like his famous great uncles and grandfather before him the. Certainly. I think you're doing great job. Hello. The candidate he's right there. For Life Magazine. Thirty nine year old Joe. Kennedy is facing something unexpected. Seventy four year old senator who has been in Congress for almost forty four years. Has Managed to galvanize support of young voters. Ahead of Tuesday's Massachusetts Senate primary I think that a lot of young people that are our age at least. From from our town have been similarly really inspired by Ed Markey polls show Senator Ed Markey as the favourite threatening to make the four term. The first Kennedy to lose a race in Massachusetts unlike other primaries this year were democratic incumbents have been ousted by liberal newcomers. Marquis has managed to turn that dynamic on its head because it's about ideas. I am the youngest guy. In this race Alexandria, it's been murky seizing the mantle of the insurgent, touting his support of liberal causes at the green new deal and endorsement of the progressive firebrand. Alexandria Cossio Cortes such the green new deal that I introduced Alexandria Cossio. Healthcare justice is on the ballot. That's Medicare for all that I next the Bernie. Sanders. When he introduced it yet, it's been Kennedy with the badging of the party establishment leader Speaker Nancy Pelosi Allies have been frustrated that marquee has not been held to account for full record over four decades like his backing of the Iraq war in two thousand and two the NAFTA deal in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, three, his position on racial issues like school desegregation dating back to the nineteen seventies progressive willing to look those hurdles that's up to a progressive movement. Out. I think an awful lot of folks in many parts of Massachusetts have a different view of that records and what that means to our communities after going door to door in working class Boston neighbors weekend. Kennedy. Accused Marquis of abandoning the state. He's been less time in the state than anybody else delegation in an interview with CNN Marquis fired back there is. No real record of Congressman Kennedy in his eight years leading on issues of of generational change in Washington Kennedy has waited until late in the campaign to stress that it's his family I. Guess It's a fighting. His blood wants to continue in the Senate tried to be really clear that it's GonNa Balance It's not my father, my grandfather brothers or anybody else and. You vote for me you're going to get now Kennedy does pull off an upset on Tuesday night it could be thanks in part to the fact that he is allies have spent more on television advertising than Markey and his allies roughly two million dollars more. But if he loses what Kennedy will do next still an open question we posed that question to him he didn't want to entertain it and said, he looks forward to running through the finish line and celebrating on Tuesday night.

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