New York - Front-Door Boarding, Fare Collection Resumes on MTA Buses


For people who write M T a bus is for one thing. You once again have to pay fares. No more free rides on buses and you can now enter the bus through the front door. I spoke with New York City Transit Interim President Sarah Feinberg this morning on WCBS front door boarding is resuming. Today we've heard anecdotally from writers about some crowding issues on some bus lines. Will front door boarding help without you think I think it will. Look, this is New York City and a lot of people write the best in the subways who are always gonna have some crowding issues and you're you're probably never gonna be able to get the 6 ft that you would like. But we do think that this will help quite a bit. So this really opens up the front of the bus gives people the ability to spread out a little bit while you know, maintaining a lot of space between writers and bus operators. We've put up a barrier between the operator and writers so we can really minimize minimized sort of the air circulation between the two but also give writers more space. Some bus drivers have said the empty has not done enough to protect them. How would you respond to that? Well, look, I you know, we have been hit incredibly hard by Cove it you know, we set months where we had thousands of people quarantined. Many became sick. We've unfortunately lost. 131 of our colleagues. And so you know there is there is a lot of anxiety it empty a among our workforce and for good reason. Thes were the heroes who were out every day. All day all night moving the folks who needed to get to work. Not just moving New York through this crisis, but really giving the heart the ability to survive this crisis. So, look, I mean, this is what we're doing to protect our workforce and also to protect our riders. Masks were readily available. We give pee peed all of our operators. We've put this barrier up between the operator and the riders. To protect the operator, you know, but we also we also realised you need to do more until over the fall. We're going to be put it. We're going to be installing an even more significant barrier between operators and riders as well. New York City

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