Remembering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Epic luck is a professor of law and the Founding Faculty Director of the Solomon Center for Health, Law and policy at Yale Law school she is an expert on Congress and the political process federalism civil procedure and health law among her most recent work is the most extensive empirical study ever conducted about the realities of the congressional lawmaking process published as two articles. In the Stanford Law review she has worked for. A Mayor Governor and senator, but she's here today because she also worked for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg she and fellow former clerk Jillian. Metzger wrote a piece in the new. York. Times just days after Justice GINSBURG staff recalling her impact on them and on equality for men and women in America professor. Thank you for joining us and before we begin our deepest condolences to the loss of your mentor and friend. Thank you so much. It's really a loss for all of us. Yes. Well, I believe you were at the all night vigil last night for Justice Ginsburg I'm hoping you can kind of take us there and describe that experience. Sure. So many people saw on television yesterday the law clerk stood outside to receive the justices casket, which is a typical tradition, but was very striking. I think yesterday because we covered the plaza, an perse because there are so many of us. But second because you were social distancing for covid. So created quite a striking visual I'd ask her ceremony. There is a tradition that other justices have observed where there's an honor guard that guards the casket for the entire time at lays in the court and law clerks at the sign of honor to their boss. Often stand is shifts next to the casket what we did yesterday and are still doing until tomorrow morning actually for the full forty, eight hours, the casket is. The court is that we have two law clerks that are standing by her side every single minute from the time she got to the court through the night. So I was there last night at midnight that another shift at one forty in the morning it's not unique as you know in the Jewish tradition, there is that tradition of standing by the side of the body for burial and several people have asked me wells is happening because she's a Jewish justice. This part of the Jewish tradition at it's a happy coincidence. It's not just for her as happened before, but I was very meaningful I think and really special way to honor her well. Let's talk about just the Ginsberg's impact on you. What did you learn as her clerk started in July two thousand three, right? Yes. Can you talk about your time as for Clark but also impact on you going forward from that time I mean I think her impact on anyone Shane. Countered is really immeasurable as a law clerk for her her work ethic is renowned. She worked harder than anyone I just did another interview with someone else who's I? Well, very supreme court advocate who mentioned that you know nobody prepared more than Justice Ginsburg even the lawyers who are preparing their cases or less prepared than she was on as her law clerk, you could not out prepare her so was she taught us aw was this work ethic and the idea of Being incredibly careful. So you can stand behind your work, one, hundred percent she instilled that in us an enormous way, the other things that she instilled with us during the clerkship or some of her signature qualities. So she was remarkably collegial in the sense that she could disagree and dissent without throwing sharp elbows or causing fights and remaining friendly and close with her colleague. She's obviously the independent thinker. She also had just an amazing life outside the court she basically filled her. Entire. Day She would work until eight pm she would go to the opera than she will come back and work more and she sort of showed you how to have this incredibly full life where you could work hard and you know she wouldn't use your play hard but you know fill your life with all the things you love and every aspect and the last thing say about my time there that her relationship with her husband was as I said before one. For the ages and you could not work for her without seeing that relationship would have birthday parties for every law clerk in her office at her husband. Marty would big cake they were such equal partners. He was her biggest booster her stories through the ages were all about how they supported one another different times in their career. It was really an amazing experience for young person. I was newly married at the time to see that kind of marriage and learn from it. So did she maintain a relationship with her clerks after their terms the court we're up? Oh, absolutely. It was sort of remarkable and a Guy John Stronger and deeper and deeper. Every year I would say that with every passing year I felt closer and closer and closer to her, which is just

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