Amazon announces new gadgets at big hardware event


Amazon's latest hardware in such today, Alexa Let's learn Mohr, Cnet's Jason Heiner is on the line. Hi, Jason. Hey, they haven't. So what else does Amazon want us to make room for in our homes now? Well, they changed a couple of things that introduced a new things. This is their fall hardware event that happened yesterday. There's always some surprises, and they didn't they didn't disappoint. This year There were a number of new things that will be announced a new cloud gaining scrimmage, so Using a controller that will connect directly to the cloud back to your any device, you'll be able to play on your fire TV and some other devices. They also announced a ring flying robot drone camera that will go around your house. And if there was anything you were gone, and you've got an alert from an alarm system or a call from a neighbor that something was going on, you could fly this little drug control with your phone and and check things out. Make sure nothing bad was happening. That was interesting. They also announced bring to the company that did the camp of the part of the Amazon that did. The flying camera also announced a new car alarm and a dash cam. So if you get pulled over by the police, you can say, you know, elect side being pulled over and it'll automatically start a camera so that if there was anything that happened with law enforcement That was inappropriate. It would be recorded so on and even a little mailbox said There's something small in that they announced yet today. Well, that's going to be this little center that will let you know when you've got mail or if someone you know is reaching into your mailbox when they shouldn't lots of new self of unexpected things and obviously knew stuff they updated their Amazon echo devices. They know what big cylinders that Sit on here, a little park that sits on your counter or bedside table. But now they are kind of little orbs here. A little balls were more future Look.

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