Blinkers Off 459: Breeders Cup Challenge Series Bonanza

Blinkers Off


This is off what's up mamand low. We're back back together. All is right in the world. That's right. That's your I. I. Feel like everything is Great. list should be because we've been drinking all day. So true invade drinking like facet. What's up everybody Hashtag now? You're in for doozy. If you're if you're if you're tuned in live, you are going to get less it's unjust money but your money's worth on this one. A. SHIRT RACING DOT com there you go. It's not working for sale so We're live right now we do. We do so we. Give them to you for free. We are live right now on twitter on facebook on Youtube. So thank you for tuning in. If you're live if you're listening to the back, tell you doing. Let's live. We are one week away. That's right. It's seems weird. It's a weird world you live in whenever you're watching week to NFL Games. When you see commercials for the masters in, you also see commercials for the preakness. It's like what happened if you just woke up like what the hell happened and that's the world we live in right now if you just go back to sleep shit. The. Is. Like one week away and that's a final leg you finally. Put a bow by the way you're about to win the fantasy league right here. Somehow. Authentic pulling out of this and wins the Derby and of course, puts you the drivers now. Going, not run in the preakness. Good Good Bill. It is a good call. To they're going to the training up to the classic make sense of course, it does best. Album of the year and three years for the classic, right? That's right. That's right. Yeah. Exactly. Especially especially about the it goes on and wins the preakness. Pregnancy enters the classic is the three year old of the year, and then his long is his job to beat them. So. Yeah. Lots of the line. Obviously as we get close, we have a huge week in this podcast. Big. When we do have predeceased dog about next week we'll talk a little bit about what's coming up become who's aiming for that race but. Eight BREWERS Cup we didn't win races this. One Dome on the other seven on Saturday and Sunday at Santa Anita's back and it's Really. If it's the last week of racing at. For September, which is kind of wild to think about for years ago braces and we move into October the last final month of the final push of Breeders Cup waiter in races as we lead up to the you know the British got. Doesn't seem I mean it doesn't seem real that were that close but we are the final push here Breeders Cup races any no. You know that we're getting close when you start having these massive days all once. Yeah man I mean, it's it's crazy crazy now to think that it's almost October and it seemed like march was only a couple of days ago. So it's Kinda strange but he'll years that I really does this morning by but man you got you got this week next week and the next week and the readers have preferences are over and I thought that was. Really crazy when I was looking at the schedule last night, it's like Holy Shit where we got three weeks Brusca prep races. Yup that's amazing. So yeah, it's exciting and I think I think you said it may be weeks ago. So give it to you but Catholic. This brief well of course. Yeah. But this rich feels like it's going to be pretty ridiculous, right? Like as it stands right now, the classic seems wow. And then and then the the distaff yup also. And you know everything else will fill out really really well as well. So yeah. Lot Lots of talk about unmanned Breeders Cup eight British and racists going to be a lot of fun this weekend but it definitely feels like home. Derby's this weekend. Let's not forget about that. We're not GONNA cover it gives pigs at the end if you want how we're going to Sunday right Oh yeah. Going fucking. Yeah, he'll be there. For me to pardon care and they're having fans air. So a hell yeah we're I think we're mass I'm taking my office soon as we get in. Wow okay he had dreamed Mila. A mask on. If you're drinking or eating I, think you're GONNA have the mask off. So as long as you have a beer in the end time. You'll be. Safe. sepals to join you as well is evil. I think he's sketchy about it. I even told me once he's no and he didn't show. Let me just say this about evil. Okay. I've heard a little bit of a tidbit of what might happen to him. And not say anything I'M NOT SAYING ANYTHING I'm not spoiled I'm just going to say it's awesome. So good lucky. That's all I know I have a plan but I don't WanNA release until I win I'm not releasing anything I'm just saying, Hey, I've heard some some rumors of what his it's the might be. On No if if magic is listening, I think. There's no telling but. Please don't win the preakness so I can do this James James Search Asia the Nevada. Better chance of winning this weekend sleepy is todd or the Washington football team. So well Washington. Football team. Probably.

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