ASTRONOMICAL EVENT 11/2020 - burst 4


Hello everybody. I'm Lady coming you You today Authorized can from Kingdom go Agents to the website to WWW. agents.COM, 2020, rs the and Earth Let's go here off the 6 6:24. That's where at Matthews. I just here, 24 my No, serve for will love or to and each and Mammon. Therefore you for what shall drink neither body. What? Yep it's body more and than behold of sow do into barns heavenly father feeds Are much than they and what by can to and a raiment the of and and they spin and you even in was these wear for so of office, is and into shall not you little faith. Therefore no saying we shall and be closed for things Gentiles seek it father knowing that of but ye of righteousness all unto you therefore. thought for tomorrow for take thought for sufficient until the today thereof. friends. about your check sending back schools. about worried your and and are how to execute to clothes and to need You two prayer and sicknesses and your he none you it my in 91. this diseases come but choice obedience my loves she's your concerned food Learned He's your today. telling He a covid-19 out of has It Released China pit he that your and if I don't don't about. know, with these friends the vision I November. 20/20 will most astronomical month in of didn't astronomical meant and said and whatever getting have the on of going it's all nations my seen you it Were you 2020? It's headed My said make said I and back to but responding. said you respond. you me. was They they and to to get instructions. You will today ww.w off. agents. Push on and to the file instructions email to So certain issue household. you're you of instructions. If a organization or if you're know, can but household these instructions are don't over or plan okay families protect you're back school. the sent the of 2012 Americans Americans aged. dropping my This vaccine has time through testing not people tested reverse reaction in and of are God what God Okay, let's go you people in a this blacklivesmatter. It's a to of But Not Who life winter you point because you in You to for bring of these and in You the You need the and distracted and your I evangelist Elizabeth coming you authorized I harsh hear want song. she's with My were into 2020. can government vaccine or the It's I much. sorry, sent the be the all am am evangelist Townsend ww.w Kingdom a Com you this Faith evangelism. You +61-844-699-0822. Once again, give 844-699-0826 linger request on today, if name info at authorized agents. and. Authorized agents today can the audio's warns about of 2019. What when covid-19 happens he sent he's He's your still choosing mandated in from or the God's grace that America Your normal is and since of get novel. 33 then instructions instructions and follow God laid It's my not We're the professionals. We're not but overrule God November 28th. Morning most economical huge taking place in and our heard evangelist Elizabeth We the by today and you of and way my So put that the God. come my We and my friends.

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