Avatar: The Last Airbender Creators Depart Netflix's Live-Action Series

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Okay, let's start off with A bit of news that I'm sure comes to some disappointment our own ht. What is going on with Avatar the last air bender they were GonNa make a live action TV series for net flicks. What is the update? The latest update is a real bummer for avatars last Air Bender Fans Michael Dante Di Martino and Brian Connie ebsco who created the original acclaimed nickelodeon. Animated Series have parted ways with net flicks over the creative direction of live action remake series. De Martino Post announced in a post on the website titled An Open Letter to Avatar last air bender fans saying that they couldn't control the creative direction of the series and decided to just exit the project altogether and he he had some pretty not I wouldn't say harsh but not. Veiled for in terms of thinly-veiled In like knots unhappiness with Netflix production So he said at one point The project, which is still ongoing has the potential to be good. But what can be certain about is that whatever version ends up on screen, it will not be what Brian and I had envisioned or to make. So this is a massive bummer for Avatar. The last Air Bend Fans because De Martino. Goes involvement in the first place was kind of the reason that There was somewhat cautious excitement for this because these the creators at donors in executive producers for the new Netflix series and they promised or shared rather that they would be deliberate. Choice to a cast as. A people of Color and ethnically accurate to the depictions in leverage animated series and the. The memory of the last live action attempt. Ed Bender is still strong in fans mines, and we don't want a repeat of that. So now that contracts go rhino are gone, there's a lot of fear that the the. Disaster will be. Repeated. Yeah, we shouldn't insinuate that this disagreement it's probably over like the the the racist of casting or anything could be like story or character that we don't even know what the disagreements are over. This is a little surprising to me though because my conversations with filmmakers on and off the record has been that like Netflix's is pretty hands off with stuff. So I'm actually very surprised that big Conflict here I'm curious as a as a fan of Avatar the last air bender now that the creators are known no longer involved in this, would you still be excited to watch live action series not at all? My cautious excitement from before. Has now turned to a sort of read. which not to say that there can you know the situation can't come out the better I'm sure that there are some great. Writers and creators out there who could have an affection for Avatar last bender could. Steer this in the right direction, but it just feels like. Martino and Connie lasko are such a major part of Avatar less air bender and its success in why such great perfect animated show that they're not being involved in stepping way in a in this situation where it seems that they clash with the Netflix's executives in some way can't really know what? I sure what it just doesn't dumb. Bode well for the production at large.

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