Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red 2017


Stave from cheap wine, fighter dot. com. With another wind today. We've just put on the cheap wine finder dot com website. We have eleven, years reviews all basically affordable lives and this one is a red blend from. Columbia Valley. From tamarack cellars, they're they're basically a Bow Take style, single vineyard kind of. Kind of winery but this is their firehouse red blend. It's twenty seventeen. and. It's got to be collected group of grapes. There's a whole bunch. There's Grenache. Merlot and Soviet, Blonde Gannett remember all of them. There's others two percent of this whom wide was coon winder send your basic for though. I think carbonate Ron. There's just a ton of different grapes, percentages and some very. Precise blend which I have like. Some blends you know there, you can't tell one grape, the other you just tastes good but you don't really. Case, individual grapes this when you, I think you Kinda I. I quite honestly don't know taste like. A blending grape from the Rhone Valley. have before, but in a blend, so I couldn't tell you and there's all these different flavors coming in through there like each one even though there's two percent of this three percent of that in the main grape has thirty, three percent and twenty, seven percent. There is no, you know this isn't like seventy percent one in a bunch of other this is really a blend. And it's their individual flavors and there's You. Know there's some of this and there's some of that I'm gonNA take a SIP. And it's. Really a good taste. There's a lot of flavor going on. And it's not just a simple wine. It is Kinda smooth on the palate with their art art things and there are challenging flavors but mostly, it's really good tasting. Because there's sours they're spicy and. There's rounded fruit. This is a really good bland I. Mean I think it's about fifteen bucks I think I've found it on sale around fifteen. And It's very precise I mean you don't add two percent of this rape and two percent of that grape unless you really really wanted in there I asked. Winemaker one time while they put one percent. Everything you add changes something you know they put it in there because they want it and there. And the OAK program the used A. Forty Percent New Oak sixty percent second and third Phil. Mostly French and American with some hung Gary O'Connor. Burian and French are pretty much the same species Americans. Different each give off different flavors. In. Every time you use Vero, the barreled gives off a little less oak. So it's forty percent new oak, which you get the full flavor, and then you get a little bit less and they do that to get the wine because this is basically a drink wine you take it home Newton, drink it. You can put it away for five or six years if you have the means to do that, but you don't have to do that. And they get the flavor exactly right where they wanted to be when it's ready to be released, which is two thousand, seventeen model. So that's what that is. This is a very good. What's at? Tamarack cellars by our house. Red Blend. It kinda sounds rustic and a little bit is a has a little rough edges has some smoothest to it it's kind. Yeah. The the name actually tells you what's going on here and I like my red blends a little bit rustic. You know I liked I liked some some little rough edges to go with. The. Ripe Fruit and I got this year I'm kind of happy with US wine I'm it tastes good. It's such a strange. Now it's a strange for such diverse. the array of. That doesn't taste like your difficult red wine not. In this day and age red wine blends are really pretty good spells you affordable ones but this has a different taste to it. That's well-made. said it's got good acidity Tanzer sweep. Particular sip because it's good. Tim Rex sellers firehouse red blend twenty, seventeen, probably twenty, seven, twenty sixteen is good to. Really good red blend Fifteen bucks taste it it actually. Tastes more expensive fifteen dollar wines expect to be really good in this one. This one of someone told you. It was thirty bucks you go. Okay. You believe it. So. There you go. That's me. I just found a good read blend doesn't mean let's dot super expensive taste.

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