Officials Back Off Trick-Or-Treating Ban As Los Angeles County Reports New COVID-19 Deaths


Los Angeles Times less than a day after issuing new health guidelines that banned trick or treating another Halloween activities. Los Angeles County Public Health officials walked back the decision Wednesday Saudi an inability to maintain safe social distancing and potential for gatherings beyond household members. County officials initially knicks trick or treating along with their halloween traditions including haunted houses of Parades Public Health Director Barbara Ferrier said, Wednesday the guidelines have been slightly revised. The change distinguishes between activities, originally, prohibited, Hall Officer Order from activities that are not recommended this year it's just not safe to celebrate the ways. We usually do I said we are recommending trick or treating and not happen this year at the Department of public. Health previously said that because some of the traditional ways in which Halloween is celebrated do not allow contact with non household. Members to be minimized. It is important to identify a safer alternatives trunk or treat events involving card a car candy dispersal, which are sometimes held by churches or schools also are not recommended under the revised order of the news was not well received by some residents. Even if you celebrities took umbrage with the rules, I do not agree with the new measures in place situated Cortez. Valley resident with two nieces in a baby on the way trick or treating is outdoor activity noting that wrapped and packaged candy could easily be sanitized before being

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