Novak Djokovic disqualified from US Open 2020


Novak Djokovic James was disqualified from the US Open which is great for Dennis. Chef of all by the way, he was going to win we all know that but he's disqualified. Basically between points he's wandering. I guess kind of in the middle of the court and he kinda lobs the ball at the line judge the way you might if a ballboy was looking and you lob it at them, he probably hit a little harder but the line judge wasn't looking because you this just in you don't throw the tennis ball at the line. And she looked like she took it in the throat. And went down. She could not continue and because of that, he was disqualified from the US Open for that. You could see right away it was totally accidental. But what did you think of the whole thing should have been disqualified? Well if you read the rule. Right, if you're the which they've been showing for frigging every ten minutes for since it happened. Okay. It's it's pretty clear. What he did would would be would be breaking that rule. Okay it's kind of like. I don't have it in front of me but you may be able to pull up you may not, but it's kind of like. You know you're in charge of your own stick right in hockey, and if you're still goes up and you clip a guy in the forehead unintentionally, right? You're going to get penalized. Okay. And that rule is you have to be in control of your own stick whether it's accidental or not. If if you if you hit a guy, it's high sticking tie sticking and maybe more if you cut the. I think this rule in tennis reads the same way I didn't think it rose to the level of being kicked out. Did you. Know I didn't ask for a couple of reasons. One is he wasn't trying to do that. It's not as lined up here. He's got his sights and drilled the ball. At the line judge, make sure you understand here there's not a ballboy here he hit a line judge right Yup ballboy would probably be different right for the obvious reasons the ball boy would be ready there have to be ready at all times to. Give balls, and whereas the line judge might just be sort refocusing and you know they can take rest for a moment they may not be looking at the player. And it was a line drive. Okay, you came off his racket. Well it didn't bounce. It didn't bounce. He didn't lob it up in the Air Steve He. Say Line drive don't be confused. It was like one hundred miles an hour buddy. He's sort of pissed too. took the ball whacked it and it and it hit her on the fly in the throat. Wasn't intentional not at all. So when you see that, I'm like come on the guy, the guy didn't mean it. You know. So. That's you know that's a bit of a drag their. Okay. But back to the hockey roll like there's lots of penalties where you don't mean it. and it happens well, the broadcasters at the time they they actually had the they basically could hear a bit of the conversation. Between the officials and Jovic and one of the announcers said he believes that they had said part of the decision to have him disqualified was because the line judge could not continue right and. I honestly looked at that and maybe I I don't I don't want to be taken emails and an angry calls and things like that but it's a tennis ball. Am I look at the speed of that tennis ball? That's not exactly one where I'll be sending a card praying that she survives like that's that did not look like it hit particularly hard. That's just me eyeballing and give an opinion. But. We shall see. I agree she could've continued. If I had to you know I looked at her I I don't think he was faking I think she was surprised. But it looked. Real God her her her corner would come screaming but it looked a little over the top. Okay. Role Lawyers Up. Yeah. I don't know

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