What are animals saying to each other?

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For those that are new to this show. This is my little brother can help Amigo and I know this is gonNA sound strange but he honestly thinks That he can talk to docks I, am the duck Lord can't explain yourself. I. Am the Duck Lord. All ducks will dow down before me just joking because I'm not cool and let the ducks of their freedom. So I'm just like. What, and then they're like. And then get food and I see like that. which is ductless. Thank you so much. You're great. Lot, which means we should be friends and they're like. What calculator so kin do you think these docs have like something? That's like a language? Yeah. Like I some. Pretty far away from go. Whack. And they actually come now, my mother actually backs up on this. We see wind over the village and they fly in over the house keen them stands on the deck and Kohl's them and they fly in over the top of the houses and come in for landing on the river and and then just kind of swim the river and jump up in Kinsale with. Cucumbers and corn and. All the things that you feed dykes and they just and they just have the cucumbers they do. I have to be real not a big believer connor skeptical this whole scheme. But I'm not a pessimist I'm a scientist. So I really just think that can. Train them because every time he quacks, he always gives them food. So I think the ducks have just learned that quacking loud annoying brothers means food. So every time he quacks they come to him for food. But I thought, I'd run this theory by a fellow scientist just to be sure. Well. I haven't observed your brothers behavior with ducks but if he has gotten them conditioned by food to win over here arrives, they may be attracted to him by the food. Of course, if he spends time observing their behavior, he might have some insight into how the ducks behave, but I'd have to watch him to know for sure. This is Kathleen Dudzinska. He's the director of the Dolphin Communication Project. She spent the last thirty years studying dolphins in the way that they communicate. and. She says when it comes to learning what any animals are saying to each other the key is observation. You have to watch what they do, and so you want to look at what they do maybe what they say in terms of verbal signals with one another but also what the context is. So let me ask you this if you see a mother and her child walking down a sidewalk. And they suddenly grab hands. Why do you think they might have grabbed hands? Safety maybe something might have popped up. Maybe the crossing the road right. But if I tell you that they're not actually walking on a sidewalk. Of A busy street, but they're actually walking down a sidewalk in a park. than. The reasons why they might have grabbed hands are narrowed.

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