Trump admits to ‘playing down’ coronavirus threat in taped Woodward interviews


President Trump addressing new recordings from Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward. That seemed to convey that the president knew weeks before the first confirmed US Corona virus death that the virus was dangerous, Airborne and highly contagious. Fox's John Decker president Trump on Hannity, explaining why he told Bob Woodward in a recorded conversation that he knew Corona virus was deadly and worse than the flu. But according tto Woodward intentionally did not level with the American public that said Don't paddock. We don't want to be jumping up and down and going while don't panic, a cheerleader for this country, and I don't want to see panic. The president admitted to Woodward on March 19th that he deliberately minimize the danger, saying I wanted to always play it down. Woodward's new book is based in part on 18. On the record interviews Woodward conducted with the president between December and July

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