Wisconsin Supreme Court says mailing of absentee ballots should be halted


The conservative controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court today ordered a halt in the manly of absentee ballots until it gives the go ahead or makes any future the ballot. In the critical battleground state. The order injects confusion and Voting in Wisconsin a week before a state's deadline for absentee ballots file in less than two months before the November 3rd presidential election. Polls show a tight race in the state between President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. Local election clerks sounded the alarm. About what But even a temporary delay in the process would mean Dane County Clerk Scott Macdonald called it potentially a huge disaster. He said. In Madison alone, there were 100,000 requests for absentee ballots on file. An election staff planned to work all weekend on mailing them out. If the court would order changes to the ballot, Dane County would have to print package sort and deliver half a million new ballots, he

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