Trump tells Sean Hannity he 'wanted to show calmness' amid COVID epidemic


Sean Hannity. He didn't want to overemphasize the threat from the Corona virus early on in the outbreak. Don't Paddick. We don't want to be jumping up and down and going while don't panic. Make you leader for this country and I don't want to see panic. An excerpt from an upcoming book author Bob Woodward says the president told him he wanted to play it down in reference to the outbreak. Dr Anthony Fauci of the White House Corona Virus Task force, telling Fox News. He didn't see any manipulation. Often he would want to, you know, make sure that the country doesn't get down and out about things, but I don't Recall anything That was any gross distortion in things that I spoke to him about. Critics say if he were really concerned Woodward should have spoken up months ago. Campaigning in Michigan yesterday, Democratic nominee Joe Biden says the president's handling of the outbreak was dereliction.

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