12 Demonstrators Arrested After Clashing With Deputies During Dijon Kizzee Protest In Los Angeles


Protesting against police brutality continued throughout Southern California this weekend. Demonstrators took to the streets from Sherman Oaks to Huntington Beach. In spite of the record breaking heat that included demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday, organized by black lives matter, Ella Against the fatal shooting of Dijon Kizzie. A dozen people were arrested yesterday during a demonstration at the South Los Angeles Sheriff's Station. A sheriff's Department spokesperson says protesters wearing helmets and shields threw rocks and chunks of concrete at deputies. Hundreds of people showed up the station on Saturday, which is in the Westmont neighborhood near where kids he was gunned down by deputies last week. I saw the demonstrators brought bicycles because kids he was cycling when deputies approached him after sundown, the crowd dwindle. That's when the L. A County Sheriff's Department says some people started throwing objects and that deputies responded by firing sting balls and pepper balls on Twitter. Some demonstrators accused deputies of firing without provocation. No injuries were reported.

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