It's Time to Start Your Own Podcast! Rachel Nielson of 3 in 30 and Monica Packer of About Progress Discuss Podcast U!

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Of the free content that I have provided on the virtual couch over the past, now darn near three years and again two, hundred, twenty, two episodes and I I can't thank you enough and I truly appreciate all the support. So today's interview with Rachel and Monica. Maybe. Maybe only one thinking of a friend's reference to that as an order. Rachel Monica Anybody this. This one is on the virtual couch youtube channel as well where you can see the three of us all on the screen together I finally figured out how to do zoom where we're all looking at each other it doesn't just switched to whoever is talking. So you can go find out on the virtual couch YouTube channel have that in the Show notes and then subscribe there as well. That would be appreciated. So let's get to today's show. So just a couple of things to cover because I think we cover all the things in the episode, but Rachel and Monica Talk About Their podcast you program that helps people create their own podcast in for any guys listening talk early and often about helping moms greet podcasts but please stay listening because we do touch on the fact that they do have some. Men that have gone through their course as well. So you are of course, welcome to join podcast you also. So I'M GONNA have links to both their free courses and podcast you in the show notes and I will make sure that those are there because that is very important. So please look for those links and Click on those defined the courses and I've tried to make things easy for you and I neglected in the intro to say that if you. have any questions or comments or thoughts you can reach me through my contact form at Tony over, Bay, dot com, or the You know me at contact that tonio dot com either way in if you happen to be new to my show of your following a Rachel or a Monica comment or link over here. I've I've actually had both of them on my show and their shows so I would love for you to find those episodes I actually. Actually. I love being on their show and we've covered some great topics perfectionism. Talked about Rachel's background with in vitro adoption and just so many good things parenting marriage, all of those sort of things. So if you're again, if you're new to my show currently taking questions anything mental health related or therapy related for an upcoming episode as well as I do a lot of work with women who are in or recovering from relationships with emotionally abusive spouses, often symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. So I am putting together a group for those women to connect ended it will be completely confidential. So anyone is welcome to contact me again in those methods above. Contact at Tony Obey, dot com or through the Tony overpay DOT COM website if you're interested in learning more about that group again, completely confidential. So let's get to my interview with a couple of my favorite people Rachel Nielsen and Monaco Packer. Action. Rachel Monica. How are you? We're so excited to be here I'm Giddy I had a nice long therapy day I. still think smell like therapy and. About this and I apologize for the last couple of clients who will never know when we filmed this but I was maybe not as Parsons as I should have been. You can send us the bill. Okay. I will thank you. But I'm so grateful to have both of you on here and I haven't done this before and we're going GonNa talk about podcasting about podcasting in mental health which I think is a metal is the kids say because we all have podcasts that touch upon mental health so has ranged. Yeah and then I I really I should bury the bury the lead I'm giving away the farm or any other things but we're going to talk about your podcast you which I am just giddy about because I, get a lot of people and I'm curious we start there. Obviously. You Do 'cause you create Pike Issue I. Was GonNa say? Do you have people that contact you regularly and say, how do I start a podcast? Yes. That's why we started our course we right. So he comes back. Yeah. Because we had so many messages between the two of us and not honestly became a part time job at one point of just trying to genuinely help people but just not being able to tell them in a bite sized. Direct message or a one minute voice memo back to them. This is how you started podcast. Like it it's a lot more intensive. We've go ahead. No I just said it really isn't I tried the same way I would I would try to create some Google doc I try to use some copy and paste I would it leads to more and more questions and at times overwhelming and and. I don't know Rachel. What's your? What was that like for you?

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