God Never Fails Us with Sam Collier


What is going on? Do you really think beautiful I do every day really even when you look ratchet. Ratchet. Any let me tell you something. We are both in that. What do you call it like two months before having a kid phase and you're just trying to live your best life you haven't had a haircut what a month. Zero mere you. Both. My grades popping here is long and shaggy. Allies. Swear Improvement Al is back. If you can call me, she's referring to D- have y'all seen home improvement Fam- al. Borland. That's what she's calling. Me Look up a picture of Al Now I've met him in real life years ago in Orange County I did a chef cook remember did you come with me that he was one of the chefs I was going head to head head it was like a Actually. Met Him in real life. That's more insulting so sweet and Nice but you with the beard and the hair right now you look like him but you know what you're so beautiful still that is so guys if you haven't, you don't know what he looks like look up Richard Karn or Al From Home Improvement Oh he was the family feud host to for your motivating me right now I'm literally calling the barbershop after we get off of here I'm going to get a haircut because I just can't stand being al I mean at least you could give me tim the toolman. You definitely have tim the toolman Tailor Work Ethic Handyman around the House you've been getting things done, which is great. Remind. You're my sweet Al Danni. Knock in the habit of calling me that. Would have to come up with some mean for you goes to goes both ways my pants barely fit me. So just let me have that one. I think to be honest though to be fair I think one time baby when you got like a butchered like your haircut got butchered and it was really short. And, you're complaining morning about your mustache having grown out I called you Mogi or something. I know and I wasn't even offended because I have never seen that movie. So. I know it's all I mean I. that's one of my favorite things though about our relationship is literally from the day that we not the day. But like we first started dating like I used to call you sasquatch. He's still do so many women like they'd be like Elliot Hey I'm see this is my girlfriend sasquatch. God my God, how could he call you that? How do you get away with your heart? He what? I like to have an abusive relationship I mean, let's be real good life fam-, y'all know your girl is like always getting things done. I'm trying to stay motivated as I can but I'm officially thirty weeks pregnant. Okay. I am starting all my body slowing down and my mental capabilities are starting to catch up with it. It's like I wonder if pregnancy brain is a real thing because I've been feeling like foggy today, I can't seem to get out of this little. Rut that I think pregnancy hormones has put me back into like it's my first trimester. I'm glad you brought that up Hala Lou preaching to the choir because you know what happened but like ever since you hit the third trimester, which was like what a day ago. I have literally noticed shift. You are like hot and cold dude I really I would say that you've been really really chill this whole pregnancy like I I realized that I was like wow, been really chill and then like the last two days. You'll go from like being super sweet like superintendents and I'm like, okay. I don't know. She's like. I just love you so much. You're such a great husband like I. Just don't know what I would do without you to like ten minutes later like what's wrong with you like does your brain mess up or something? So. It's crunch time. It's that you know what I have less snacktime. Stacking pregnant listen it's that I've got less than ten weeks to get so many things on my to do list done in anticipation not only just for the baby which I have not bought anything that she needs because I got rid of all the stuff that we got with teeny in fact, actually gave away to other mommy friends because. Know. I try to be generous in kind with all the blessings in the gifting get. But now I'm like Dang why did I give my doc Qatada Way I'm GonNa need another one of those. So I'm now having to just by the baby stuff again, and then on top of that you and I are crunching down for something we're working on that. We're really trying to get to finish line before baby comes so I just feel. The heat. In. More. Places. Than One. House. He Kegs back to you but my farts have come down. Don't you think? Yes So the heat has turned down like under the sheets. Wink Wink A. Dutch oven anymore. But I'm getting a Dutch oven of emotions like you'll. You'll sheet on your emotions and just come at me with. They've you're. Trying to cuddle cited place Steve I'm not just I just I can't you. Face for some reason, I was trying to like literally attack you wrestling I'm like teeny don't wrestle that. She's like, what are you doing? I said I'm just trying to kiss you like married people do. I was like what is your deal and then like five minutes later she turns over she's like I'm sorry I love you and at this point i. Wasn't even angry anymore and That was so nice but I was just. Going to sleep now I was I. Hope you're not trying to initiate anything at eleven o'clock 'cause girls nauseous tired fatigue and I've felt the heartburn listen. That's real now in the third try. was trying to balance Bloomberg buggy which I probably. Bounce. Carry the show today clean. We're we're we're a complete mess today actually we're not I'm having a great time I'm having a great day. So, we've got a great interview coming up with Sam Collier on the show today. Before we get to that though gotta get to your good news, the league that was a really bad. So the good news of the week today a little bit different little bit sweeter than normally is giving me some good news baby. So Fam-, good news the week. Today's actually an email says and I received recently from one of you. TGI. Family member at the good life email I'm going to link that tune the description if you guys wanna send us an email. But I wanna read this email because Dang this really warmed our hearts y'all hopefully it will warm yours ready says and says, deers hasn't Stevie. I'm writing to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my heart to God. Last night I signed up to join a Bible study with other women in my community. It's something I never thought I would do started thinking of how and who opened my heart to God and made me into a believer. It was U2 after listening to your Easter podcast episode last year I felt God's love for the first time. I had tears running down my face and goosebumps all over my body if. It wasn't for you in Steve a wouldn't be here where I am today I have faith I pray every day since God came into my life I moved into my dream house got a new job and a health and had a healthy son God is definitely played a role in those milestones I grew up in.

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