Journey to ask why he believes


Anywhere, You know, I mean, there's been a lot of other bands from my era. Where their songs have not stuck like eyes have with people's lives, and we're very fortunate, you know, it's it's mixed is young, medium aged in older people and I look out. I see about four generations of people keep listening. Toe I heart radio firm or Neil, Sean and all your favorite artists. I'm German homage with a quick check of the stories trending right now on ABC News Radio 10 30. The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits, mostly unchanged last week, 884,000 layoffs stuck at a historically high level. Meantime, more than a dozen members of the Boston College swim team test positive for covert 19 and the virus is wreaking havoc on local colleges and schools all the way down the line. Lynnfield School's going virtual for a bit, right thing for all

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