Negative People Protection Plan


Welcome positive people. How do I know you're positive person? Well, mainly because you listen to podcast and most people who listen to personal development I'm podcast man, that's a Lotta peas. They're usually very positive people and it's so weird that a lot of positive people tend to attract kind of negative people isn't that interesting. have. You noticed this to be true for you. Well today, I'm going to give you a negative people protection plan because even though you attract them in your life that doesn't mean that you should allow them to suck all the good energy from you. Today I'm GonNa share with you strategies to protect yourself from negative people. They're all different types of negative people. There are those individuals who the moment you meet them you just you can fielder energy like when they walk into a room, the kind of suck, the life out of the room, these people are really easy to spot. They tend to complain a lot. You can just feel their energy. And then there those individuals who it's a little more sneaky. They tend to be very charismatic. Their negativities almost passive aggressive like you don't notice it unless you're really paying attention. And then there are those people who they think they're positive. But. They don't realize they're being negative, and maybe that negatively isn't directed at you. Maybe it's directed at themselves or their circumstances are everything else. But that negatively even though it might be directed themselves, it's projected outward and those type of people are really attracted to positive people. So, regardless of the type of negativity or we're talking about, you need a plan in place to protect yourself because nothing is more valuable than your energy. Now. This may be a unique perspective, but it's one that I hold. Very dear to my heart and I've given it a lot of thought when it comes to negatively because I always wonder why is I feel? Attracted sometimes negative people even though I know they're draining and they can be very draining. I'm always curious. Why is it? Those types of people seem to seek me out not always, but it used to be that way. and. Regardless of the type of person, the type of negative person they are whether it's intentional or unintentional weather, the negativities directed inward or outward, it doesn't matter. I believe all negativity. Is An attempt to steal or borrow my positively. My energy. My Good Vibe, my high vibration, whatever you, WanNa, call it. When someone wants to share something negative. They've heard about you. And it's hurtful. And they know it's not true. They know it's not true. But they want to share that with you. The first thing I always stop and ask myself is. So why does this person want me to know this? They know it's not true. Why would they be repeating this to me? And the only answer that holds any truth to it. Is that person who sharing the negative information, which they know is not true. Therefore, it's gossip is sharing that information, not help me. But to take something away from me to steal a little piece of my positively to knock me down a little bit to balance things out because they don't feel great about themselves. And so when people are hurt or when people feel inadequate. It's a natural instinct to want to make other people feel that to. Remember that the next time somebody wants to share. Something that is not true. something. That's negative. Maybe it's someone else's opinion of you who knows. It just you know it's gossip. Do me a favor and practice responding by saying, can I ask why you would tell me that and then if they're like well, well I, I don't know I just thought you might WanNa Know I. I. I thought it was very interesting. My next question would be do you think is true? Or do you hold that opinion? And they're an answer? Honestly, well, of course not okay. Well, I also know it's not true and you know it's not true. So I can't imagine. What your intentions might be other than to. Feel bad. Or. Hurt me. Because other than that. I. See nothing other than gossip. And so in the future, I would just ask if it something that isn't true. If, it's something there's nothing I can do with it because it's not true if it's something that only would make me feel bad. I would ask that you ask yourself if it really. Is something to help me or hurt me.

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