A surprise royal wedding for Princess Beatrice!


The Sun is out in. London I've got Maggie ABC News Foreign Correspondent. Right next to me how you doing. I'm good. I'm good. I feel like we've got some good news to talk about today. We've got a royal wedding possibly our last. This last ever royal wedding, it just hit me. Wow, is it really who's left well? I guess I guess we know the Archie Someday. Straight! Ahead. That's very far into the. Years from now, we'll still be kicking it. But, yes, we will be talking about the wedding between Princess Beatrice and Edward to Pelley matzec place today in Windsor. We have quite a lot of needs to get through this week. Captain Tom More just will received his knighthood from Queen. We were just cooing over the footage. Horrible and of course we have news from across the pond. Megan the Duchess of Sussex spoke to young girls during the girl up summits earlier this week. for Quentin empowering speech will be taking a look that the Duchess of Cambridge visited families off the backing a new BBC initiative. Something a little different for her. We also got to hear some behind the scenes. Details on the Cambridge. Kids are home during lockdown and my favorite. My favorite subjects royals on zoom. We'll be taking a look at the Queen's humorous zoom call at the end of the site. Separate podcast royal do zoom. I feel like they definitely if they haven't invested in shares in Zoom, the really should have because I think boosted the profile of the company. It was quite interesting to hear even our own prime minister, praising the this morning for literally keeping the country. Going, it's kind of incredible I mean. How do you and I even use zoom? Never quite skillfully as the. She's really a hauler league. She really is. What great news we had today and unexpected knees because we had the announcement from Buckingham Palace. Any idea this was happening. I I'll have to admit I know that going on behind the scenes, though conversations about when and how it will take place I know that the couple were very mindful that the queen will seem be going off to battle moral the summer and so there was a very small window that they had to work with, but. Like many couples and I have friends in the same boat you know there are sort of current guidelines in place by the British government on how to have a wedding. If you're going to get married at this time, and a lot of people have been making that decision to wait until next year, but you know this is a young couple who clearly wants to forge ahead with their plans whatever they may be and they won't do that as husband and wife, so it was great to see that confirmation from Buckingham Palace. They had gotten married in front of the Queen. Prince Philip Prince Andrew. At a it secure wedding with around twenty guests this morning at All Saints Chapel in the Windsor Great Park, which is of course, were burnt princess. Beatrice and Eugenie grew. It's so good you make that point as well because I think. If this pandemic reminded us of anything, it's that. The day we're all humans whether you'd be royals, or you know some regular person in the US in the UK because like you said so. Many of our friends have had to deal with these issues as well. We're GONNA POSTPONE OUR WEDDING. Are we still going to get married and have maybe a larger partying and ceremony later? What are we going to do and this is a case where you often think. If you're a royal, you can probably get just about anything right and they sort of operated an entire different field of being Cuban for quite some time, but in the case of this I. Mean You know pandemic? Have borders whether you're royal or just a regular person. It's still a threat, and you still have to abide by those guidelines, and so the fact that she's a Royal Beatrice also had to have her wedding with these guidelines. She had also make those hard decisions, but there's so many people are making a round the UK around the US around the world right now, and as you mentioned with really important. No. No she didn't she followed the guidelines, and a some of them are really specific. There's a lot to consider so some of the things that she had to do just like anyone who would be wanting to have a wedding in the UK right now. You mentioned the numbers. They have to keep it. Small. Government advises that you keep the number of people to thirty or under for any type of gathering and they acknowledged. Civil ceremonies and things like weddings are very important society, so they encouraged people that if you are going to do this, go ahead with it, but just follow these guidelines, so keep the group small under thirty, but omit. There's tons of little things that you don't think of that. You have to keep in check as well. No obviously social distancing. It's still thing even if what even. Even at wedding, so while they had less than thirty people, all those people were still supposed to say about two meters apart one meter if they absolutely had to, but social distancing was still a requirement, and even for the minister, so the couple can be close. Let's hit the clarify that the couple could hold hands because the government says that's important part of the ceremony. Yeah! They can break the social distancing, but the ministers are supposed to touch them, so he's not supposed to hold the couple's hands. He's not even supposed to touch the couples rings to give to them. You know all of these things are thought of No one's supposed to share things like him. Books or or religious books or anything like that known supposed to all be touching objects. Everyone's supposed to sanitize their hands before coming to the wedding sanitize. Sanitize your hands before you know doing things like signing guestbook or signing the register, or if you're having to actually make it official and sign. Something is going to be sanitized Gel right next to you, so there's tons of little things that go into this including even trying to monitor how people saying you're not supposed to raise your voice and singing supposed to be kept to a minimum, if not at all, because we know, this spreads the virus so. Again it is such a joyful day for them. I'm so happy. They went forward with it as well just to make sure that they have that bond, and they celebrated people that are close to them, but they definitely had to pay attention to some of these important measures that not only then, but everyone has to pay attention to right now so again, congratulations and I just. Just, I I'm impressed. They went through with it. You know with all the sanitation with all the requirements, but it still seems like it was a beautiful day. Absolutely I think one of the really nice things about this is that they were able to do it in front of the Queen and Prince Philip. We know that bitch is really close with the Queen and these. Much older couple who are at risk during this pandemic, and but you know we have to remember that that you know. The Families Say Andrew Sarah. Fergusson Youzhny Beatrice Eddo. They've all been together at the same home. laundly for the majority of this lockdown period, and the Queen and Prince Philip of course being isolating themselves that Windsor Castle.

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