Corey Perry Comes Through with Huge Game 5 2OT Game-Winner for Dallas


Five of the Stanley Cup, lightening up to one third period on the verge of winning a title. Five on five Hockey stars. Get to it here. Sagan Offensive zone. Hey, skinning a one timer store. More late late game game Magic Magic and and Pavelski Pavelski has has tied tied the the game game with with 6 6 45 45 toe toe play. play. You heard it on 96 7 the ticket with just under seven minutes to go. He then laid out the block is shot in the first overtime, allowing this to happen in double OT Klingberg fromthe like whites, fires redirection in front stars big for the store. Stores. Corey Perry Stores Win it. They're not going home. Alice stays alive and there will be a Game six on Monday night, there will indeed Corey Perry, the the game game winner winner and and double double stars stars avoided avoided elimination, elimination, beating beating lightning lightning 3 3 to to 2 2 to to force force that that game game six. six. Anton Anton could could

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