NBA mock draft: Anthony Edwards or LaMelo Ball as top pick?


Minnesota Timberwolves had these third worst record this season but won the lottery last night and we'll select first overall in the upcoming NDA draft. lamelo ball has been consistently ranked in the top three prospects. This year's draft and is now projected to go number one overall in this warnings latest mock draft. So Shannon showed the wolf take. That's the question. SKIP. They moved heaven and earth to get the annual Russell. They have Kat Karl Anthony towns they have Andrew. Wiggins. Mellow. Foot. Compatible with very creative thing is that shot is on off the dogs like his brother Lonzo. Beating, people out the dribbling what's the unknowns they've only seen him for twelve games. Now, he's relatively nineteen years of age I. Think Turns Nineteen Couple Days Tomorrow Okay, yeah? But if you look at it all the top picks, you look Anthony Edwards, he's a guard top top in the when he was player of the year this year I think he's I think he's a three and then James Wiseman. semple. Put One. Nineteen and ten before he was A. Re declared ineligible Yup. Could Lamelo in the Angelo play together? Bass. The question skill that really that's what it comes down to. It's not about Oh, man, he was good. He can do that Kenny play together because you gave up and you have this guy he on Amax Contract Dry d? Rosana mags contract Anthony towns. contract. So Somebody willing to move is somebody will wars the Melo over that? No more big deal with me. So buddy I I would I would move. But if I if I gotta stay there probably I probably would take. I'm taking him I. Don't know what it is about me and these bonkers.

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