Real Talk on Forgiveness and Reconciliation | from AC13 Live with Ryan James Miller - burst 8


In what happened with George. Floyd I'm not I don't understand how you come to that conclusion. I don't understand why you would think that. I don't see how that's possible. And yet at the same time, if that person truly sought forgiveness for whatever it is, they did to offend me hurt me. Around me. Do everything that I can do accept that. Step forward to reconcile their relationship. We're just not going to agree on everything. We just see things differently in. Yes. There are certain things that not in the way of talking about. But there are certain things that we see black and white like literally one way or another right I didn't know if we should be in that same anyway. Cut and dry right just one way or another. And and yet even in those. We've got to find ways to forget. We've got to find ways to walk through. Towards forgiveness The other thing forgiveness. Doesn't require equal effort. You hope it does I mean like. Your.

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