Jared Young Explains Why Kindness, Honesty, & Integrity Are His Top Priorities


Jared Welcome to the show welcome a dose of leadership. Thanks to be here. Well I'm excited to learn more about employer advantage and really your leadership philosophy. It seems like I'm. Looking at your background man you've you've done a lot of things and now you're the president of employer advantage. Traveling the world working in various branches of government learning multiple language Arabic is that right to get that right you understand. Yeah, Eric my Undergrad is an Arabic. Wow. Well let's start. Let's talk a little bit about how we got to employ advantage. What was the kind of as you're going through school and working what was your dream at the time? I can tell you my dream was not to end up in. Joplin. Missouri. But I know my I guess my my dream candidate evolved. By the time I got through law school I knew I didn't want to be a lawyer and so I had to figure out. What I wanted to do. So I went into corporate law for a little while I was looking for a chance to pivot to the business side of things because I decided that's what I was really interested in. and. Had A a cousin in DC where I was working Who have happened to have a father-in-law that was? Had founded a business along time ago and was looking for some help some young blood to get into the business to. Start with. A succession plan. and. He learned me out to the Midwest and. I guess we haven't looked back. So how long has that been? How long have you been in Missouri five years five years so prior to that, you were working in various branches of government and you're doing it was many. as an attorney as a lot. What was it doing what we doing government? So I worked before law, SCHOOL In the private sector actually in the healthcare it sector but then during law school and after I actually thought. I thought government was what I wanted to go into. That's actually part of the reason I studied Arabic in my Undergrad as well. It's thought government was around I wanted to go but as I got more experience in government i. realized. I didn't think that was going to be for me. and. Why was that? Would you see there that just turned you off to it I think. I worked with a lot of great people and saw a lot of really interesting things but. The the kind of lockstep. Advancement structure of most of the government. Offices wasn't very appealing to me I I saw people that had been there for thirty years and it seemed like if you wanted to get anywhere, you had to be there for thirty years and there's no getting anywhere without putting in your thirty years. there. There's also the factory you know have a pretty large family. We're expecting our child next month and I knew if I was going to support a family of that size. It's Government salary. Yea. I I know I understand the attraction in the allure. I thought about going into government to at one time when I was laid off from American you know. In the lure was kind of a the security, the job security, everything else and. I got to say a lot of consulting work with the government I've been out of the marine, corps and doing this. And it's such a challenge because what I found is that there's There's just this kind of embracing of mediocrity and it's nothing against the people within it. It's just it's it's a culture of mediocrity. I think and I don't know what your thoughts are on that. Again, I don't into government bashing session but well, exactly I that's I. think that's probably what I was trying to say with trying to dance around and be a little diplomatic but I I totally agree I and I think you're right I don't think it's any individual person just as. Houses that it's the it's the whole system is just too big. It's too bureaucratic right and an end. To. It's that too big to fail mentality. They all know that that they're going to have a job they don't have the pressure of trying to turn a profit to kind of motivate them but. I don't know if they're they're tons of fantastic. Working in government and I I admire the work that they do. But with a lot of great intentions, you're right in the. Same reasons that just wasn't for me I needed to be around a little more Spontaneity. In the the fact that if Wanted Faster Pass towards performance in the object objectives that just seemed like it was applaud you know what I mean like a slow applaud. Yeah. Yup totally get it. Very. Cool. So I'm curious to before we start talking about your roles a president here. What live in Jordan for four months? What was what year was that and what was that like? In two, thousand, nine It was awesome. Just incredible experience. You know as part of my. Undergraduate studies studying the Middle East Arabic So I got to go there and really just immersed myself in Jordanian culture. In my Arabic study I had just gotten married the year before. So my wife and I join me and she actually celebrate our first anniversary in Jordan. Wow and just an amazing cultural experience you know when you visit somewhere as a tourist. You see some cool things but you don't really get a good feel for what people really like where the country's really liked but when you live there for a while. We were able to go to church there and and just make friends interact with people in their everyday lives. It was just awesome to. Be Part of a culture this. So completely different from ours you're live two years in Sweden, but Sweden in so many ways this is just a lot like America so it wasn't kind of a full foreign experience, but Jordan was definitely full foreign experience and There were definitely parts of it that weren't as fun. You know there's water rationing. There s he had you know. Limit, your showers and and and just be really careful with your water and we had bedbugs. there. Definitely. Reasons. That we were happy to go home but man, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything such memories of time that

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