ACC schedule includes Notre Dame, 10 conference games


We're pleased to be joined. Now by our colleague NAP Fortuna nobody's more plugged in AC and also Notre Dame who is now at least for one football season a member of the ACC we were just talking a little bit offline map, but it's been kind of a whirlwind where this meeting of the president's for for Wednesday we knew about it for. A while and they were gonNA have poor. I. Was they're gonNa vote on one of few schedule models and then the day before it became no, they're not ready to vote. It's GonNa get pushed back a week and then all of a sudden band with almost no warning there was a full press release with the whole schedule model on everything. What happened. Like everything else when it comes to college football news amid pandemic I think everyone is learning things from anyone other than the primary source. So to speak I mean this was a rare case where a reported him break this story that the League was able to put this story out on its own terms and I think. Being that this was a president driven decision that probably shouldn't be too surprising because those guys are the ultimate. Shock collars when it comes to weather there will there won't be football. This fall but. Athletic Directors were not on that Board of Governors meeting call today they had. Kept them abreast of what they were talking about him models and so forth. But. As you said, I mean I was told as recently as yesterday. Tuesday that. The eighties were not ready to present a model that they were ready to go with just in light of the MARLINS fiasco with the. MLB. On Monday the evergreen situation going on there they still wanted to to to flesh things out and. figure out what the best approaches and I do think it's the irony of all ironies that as soon as the ACC puts out this press release, our friend Ross Stellar over sports illustrated has a report in the SEC is going to go conference only which. In many ways I can't help but think contradicts what the ACO is trying to accomplish right when they want to keep that one non-conference late open. Matt. Let me ask you this. So, as part of this deal Notre Dame is gonNA share the TV revenue from its home games with the rest of the members. How how big of a concession is that for them and was you? had been a stumbling block before and what do you think was in jacks bricks mind when when this kind of deal was presented to him I think operating under the assumption here for the sake of this conversation that there will be a season. I. I think that's a pretty big concession Notre Dame that's a deal as a private school that. Is Not public. We don't know the details I mean we. A. Very strong. I guess if you will that it's in the range of fifty million dollars or so and that it's significantly less than what they would be getting. From TV rubbing new distribution standpoint if they had joined the conference fully but I don't think that's a small matter that Notre Dame is is all in on the ACC at least for this year that they will be sharing that revenue in that they'll be you know. Frankly the big picture first time in one, hundred, Fifty, eight years of Notre, dame football they're going to interest season competing for a conference championship I mean that's that's very very. Big Ding even say finishing third place right they don't even come close to qualifying for they see if the season goes on just the fact that we're saying that that Notre Dame fans are reading that in hearing that and learning that about their school today I. think that is a very, very big headline when you talk about the Notre Dame, not just as program Business Itution, it's extraordinary I don't think you can understate how I mean they're they're the it's one of those issues or or griping points that. For my whole career I mean it's just been a constant. Why won't they join a conference? Somebody should force them to join a conference and then a permanent obviously but something finally. Put them in a position where they. Had to join a conference and I don't know the giving away the TV money. You know I don't I don't have the numbers, but that could end up being awash because they don't make that much from NBC and if they also get to now get a bigger share a full share of the you know the larger. ACC, ESPN deal I mean for all we know. They're making more money out of it. I don't know but the fact that they. So how how you know the Notre Dame fan base like how are they going to be feeling about this? There's the independence is such a point of pride obviously. But also if they didn't do this, there was a decent chance they were gonNA, end up with like a six game schedule. I think the initial reaction will be surprised in disappointment. Now, those feelings may linger throughout the course of this twenty twenty football season or they could be gone Tuesday when the Board of Governors of the NCAA makes a ruling on. How if and how the season will proceed and I can't help but think I may sound cynical here. But part of me wonders if it in the back of the decision makers minds at Notre Dame, they know what? Like the silent part is out loud. So to speak, they just don't think that season it's going to be feasible and if it makes everyone happy. Everything copacetic to just say, yes and concede to have everyone move forward in as unified of a front as possible under one umbrella as the ACC. then. They were willing to do that and maybe could. Bank that goodwill on the back end, I don't know that. That's me kind of theorizing here digging out loud. But I do think that headlined just seeing the press release seeing Notre Dame eligible for a conference title game I think that is a not insignificant. It's just like you said it's a conversation it's a question. I it's taken up. You know a chapter of your book God knows how many hours of our time on twitter at a mailbags and so forth t to hear the words Notre Dame, and let's say, Hey, you know they do play Clemson on their schedule and it's No divisions US here. So the top. Winning percentage teams go hypothetically. They could lose the CLEMSON and beat Clemson or be Clemson lose clemson. For the ACC title, I'm just picturing right now they're hockey team is currently the back to back big ten champions I'm trying to picture a big time championship. A banner. Compton. Ice Pavilion. A right down the road from an ACC championship banner at Notre Dame Stadium if the season out there, and if they were to to win the League because that would be pretty pretty funny. It would seem like it would make them more likely though for this to at some point, be permanent because I the argument I've always heard is nor named loves the aspect of of the uniqueness of not being. like everybody else, and at least for this year with all the craziness that's going on, they're going to be like everybody else to a large degree and find out they really. Like, Hey, this is cool. Seriously

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