How To Bring More Humanity To Your Leadership With Beth Weissenberger


Hi Beth welcomes leadership, Biz Cafe I- nice to meet. You tend to be air. Thank you for having me so Beth to help frame our conversation today for those listening. I was wondering if you could start off by describing what your inner you career online program is, what's the pain point you saw and created this program to address? Shore If you look at most companies, for instance, they're the top. Let's call it five hundred to a thousand if it's a large organization and so most companies will pay for the top leadership to go through our workshops to go through. Now, our zoom workshops to go through our coaching programs But what do you do with the other thousand nok going to spend the big bucks on because you don't care about them? It's just. Were Coaching is expensive individual coaching, and so if you WANNA impact an organization and really raise the whole bar of an organization, you need everybody participating in the same language and the same work, and so we decided to invent our inner you career. We also have a life love and student, but our interview career for the companies that have many people who are not spending money on for coaching but want people to go through the method. And that you know is way different than paying you know a thousand and our for coaching you get twelve modules you get everything we teach our workshops in this one audio four, six, hundred, and fifty dollars, right? So that way companies can service. Their people that aren't getting the Individual One on one coaching and workshops. Now. I've had the chance best to go through your online course was particularly drawn to the program's goal of transforming how we view the word human from being a noun to a verb much. In the way we talk about googling something and what I love about this idea is how you point out that what this does is it puts the onus of change of becoming better and of being responsible for what we put out there on us now. Granted this is a bit of an abstract concept. So could you delve more into this idea of treating human as a verb and how does it create this pivot in terms of owning our own development and growth for sure? Yeah. No I love that. So to human, where now absolutely saying is avert like human a better like could you please learn to human better and remember I I coach C. Suite on and executives and top leadership team success for and if you take a leader so webbed are Whether of large organization or small, you want that leader to be the best human they could be the leader such that they're inspiring. They are know they're people to get the job done and to be great humans themselves. So it really is There are ways that we are as human beings that suck that absolutely suck as a parent as a leader as A. As a team member on a team you could name your top three things that you already know. You should do better human being wet, right like you know someone I was on the phone with someone the other day was looking at hiring us and he's a CEO of one million dollar company wants to bring it to a billion but knows that his being late to every meeting, his procrastinating his not doing things is getting in the way of his leadership and so that's not great unit that he is shows up late to his own meetings and it gets mad at people. Like how is that work as a human very So you start to hear and deal with not that you're a bad person we have what's great about us but we also have what sucks about us and most of us don't know how it impacts people. You know when I said to that CEO, like do you have any idea what the people make up in their own head about you showing applies to every meeting you have no clue. You know some of them will feel disrespected and thank you don't respect their time. Some of them will roll their eyes like how dare you Hold Neto account when you're not accountable and then you always have a frigging excuse about and get mad at me I have an excuse. So it is all about. Upping the ante on better humiliating as a human being yourself.

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