Trump says Vanessa Guillén's murder won't be 'swept under the rug'



Says says a a panel panel of of five five civilian civilian experts experts will will lead lead an an independent independent review review of of Fort Fort Hood Hood following following the the murder murder of of army army specialist specialist Vanessa Vanessa Guion Guion of of Houston. Houston. Her Her family family is is meeting meeting with with President President Trump Trump in in D D C C Today. Today. The The FBI FBI and and the the DOJ are now involved. We got them involved. And the people at Fort Hood, where took place very much involved. Way didn't want to have this swept under the rug G and sister Lupe says there needs to be a congressional investigation into leadership at Fort Hood, protecting respect every soldier But then my sister didn't respect my sister. They kill Ian's killer committed suicide when confronted by police woman who helped dispose of her remains is locked up until her federal trial in Waco

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