U.S. to Act on China Software Beyond TikTok, Pompeo Says


Some of the top stories here, the Trump Administration to announce measures shortly against Chinese own software deemed to pose national security risks. So this is well beyond TIC tac Comments from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggests a whitening of the US measures. Beyond the popular Chinese music video out Pompeo, speaking earlier on Fox News, these Chinese software companies doing business in the United States, whether it's tic tac, or we checked their countless more Our feeding data directly to the Chinese Communist Party. Their natural security address could be their facial recognition pattern. It could be information about the residents that phone numbers to friends who they're connected to. Those are the issues that President Trump's been clear We're going to take care of these air true national security issues. Mike Pompeo. Now, sources say that moved to ban Tic tac from the United States could upend a potential acquisition ploy from Microsoft. Even so, over the weekend, the South China Morning Post are leading English paper here in Hong Kong reported that TIC tac parent bite dance would prefer to spin off the up. Rather than sell to Microsoft, Rish.

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