Shane McMahon introduces ‘RAW Underground’ in WWE that has scripted MMA fights in wrestling

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WWE under. Underground where underground now, where in the storage closet coming to you live with Shaneco Mac he's sweaty but that doesn't stop him another to do with it. He'd be sweating if they were in a meat locker, don't matter no ropes. No rules. Man. I have never. Liked Shane McMahon like From twenty five years ago up to and including today. Just. CanNot stand him. You never met a happy guy when he came back. And I was like, what is an I remember like people being like Oh my God. It's going to be Shane and undertaker mania on I'm like what is wrong with you? Why would you WANNA see that. Shane is just he's GonNa jump off something High Ching Ching Ling God, the entrance, the heat he would get with the fuck in the mean street posse and stuff. But fuck man now like when they were hyping like Shane, McMahon's back I was like. Oh. Boy. This is the break glass in case of emergency I. Guess. Underground. Yeah and the you know I saw that the under thirty or whatever was up. So there was some curiosity whether that holds over I. Don't know that you've also got the The the faction with MVP, which has what are they called Har Business or murder business or something. To. US News whatever I mean at least that would be something I I just whatever it was like that was the first one on the that was just the first name on the list. Go with that.

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