Rockets Win Contrast of Styles Against Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks


Victory over the bucks and the way they played down the stretch. We're about to go inside that game here momentarily. We're live from the rocket mortgage by Quicken Loan studios when you need certainty in the home buying process with a loan that fits her life rocket can 1 50 to go. Middleton doubled to Yonas into the paint your own steps hard stolen from Horn picked this pocket hearted pounds past Westbrook by middle delay a good nine in a row for the Rockets. 1 13 1 12 They regain the lead. Craig Ackerman on the Houston Rockets radio network. Russell Westbrook finished with 31 points, and it was a 90 run that brought the Rockets back when they were trailing by eight. With roughly three minutes to go. We're pleased to welcome Eric. Name to the show. He covers the bucks for the athletic in Wisconsin. Eric, What did you see in those final three minutes from Milwaukee? Yeah, I mean, it was They really had a rough go of it tonight. It's It's something that this team all year has is really blown out a lot of teams so they haven't been forced into a spot where they've had to play a lot of close games and Get it on Friday night against the Celtics. I played opposed close game there. They finished it out. Make a couple plays. Chris Middleton had a couple of shots made a couple of passes and their everyone closed out. But tonight It was really just kind of a comedy of areas from, you know, about three minutes left. They had been posted up Brook Lopez the entire night Chris Middleton tosses them. What looks like a pretty simple past. Brooke Lopez has it bounces. Off his hands go out of bounds in that. From that point, it was turnovers. Sloppy play late, getting into their offensive said like it was just kind of Sloppy basketball that we really haven't seen but from the boxes season and they ended up losing this one and just doing something totally uncharacteristic of what they've done thus far this season. Except that as

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