WNBA Players Wear 'Vote Warnock' Shirts Opposing Atlanta Dream Co-Owner

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Ara guys, it's crunch time here on the jump wnba players were vote wore not t shirts game this week that was in support of Rafael Warnock, who is challenging Atlanta Dream co-owner. Kelly Lafler for his US Senate seat law has of course spoken out about her position to the black lives matter movement though Kendrick, what is your reaction to the entire Wnba League banding together to support for appointment? Rachel listen they have this ten and on the front line foot the from the beginning for years affect before the NBA started before the NBA players join. Though WNBA players would the forefathers it is. They would've was that started this and it drink down. So I always applaud them and again, rates outweighs telling you please women, they don't do a lot of talk and they take X. men do a lot of talking, and then accident comes a little later. It does women. And they me business and I want to applaud the John. WNBA Greg the WNBA players and female athletes in particular have led the way on social activism from the beginning, they are not beating around the bush. They're not being polite about it. They're being direct into the point about what they want. They've already tweeted from their union account that they want her out of the League. So they're not, they're not beating around the bush. They're telling you exactly what they want and like perks says they have constantly led the way. It's absolutely their right to use their voices as American citizens, and also we ask athletes all the time to be leaders in their community to participate in initiatives that the community, and if this is something they think is going to help their community. They certainly have every opportunity to use those voices and I'm so so proud to be associated with the WNBA for the amount of the these. These women hair and that they are willing to stick their necks out. It is so impressive.

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