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Ongoing. A Florida couple has been jailed for refusing to quarantine after testing positive for covid nineteen. Twenty four year old Jose in -Tarian and twenty six year old Johanna Gonzales had been ordered by the health department to quarantine after testing positive for the virus on July fifteenth the couple had been advised to wear face masks at home a three bedroom house the couple shares with at least three other tenants, and they were required to self isolate for at least fourteen days. But the Florida Department of Health declared them a quote present and immediate danger of harm to others. After it was notified, but the couple had gone to the grocery store. July. Twentieth while possibly still infected. A day later, the agency issued a mandatory quarantine order against the couple but neighbor said that they were still refusing to self isolate. According to Greg Vilis. Key West's city manager someone videotaped the couple defying the order and gave it to key West police. There were complaints he said from the neighborhood of them continuing to be outside going about normal life functions. Intense debate over masks, business closures, and social distancing have raged since the start of the outbreak. Said Veliz quote it's a national debate up until the health. Department tells you to quarantine and then there's no more debate. The couple are facing charges of violating isolation rules for quarantine and violating emergency management disaster preparedness rules according to jail records. The Key West couple is expected to face a judge on August tenth.

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