Dallas County Reports 641 New Cases, 31 Deaths


One Congressman, Heldon online online town town hall, hall, so so parents parents could could ask ask questions questions about about that. that. Charlie's Charlie's Allen's Allen's Kaya Kaya joins joins us us live live with with some some of of those those answers, answers, Alan Alan Has Has Scott Scott CONGRESSMAN CONGRESSMAN COLUMN COLUMN All All Red says schools or having to change plans quickly, and he knows parents want to be here from their district's community. Get our community spread down and under control to protect our teachers, protect our kid, check the staff members to make all of our schools. Dallas sized has postponed the start of their school year till after Labor Day. Also in already is district or Highland Park, Garland wildly and Richardson. They're all going to start online later this month. Parents and Richardson eyes do you need to make a decision by the end of this week on whether they will stay online or send their kids back after Labor Day? Deputy Superintendent Tabatha Brandon says Richardson has taken action to limit contact among students who do come back in person. Whether an elementary kid tear our music. The playground were just at all time limiting how are interacting and that goes in the secondary level. We completely changed our belt schedules to ensure their left transitions and our secondary campus. Dallas County reported 641 new cases of Govan 19 yesterday. That's their highest total since the last day of July back last week. Tarrant County confirmed 805 new cases. That's an increase from their 70 average of 550. But Tarrant County says that increase may be the result of a lag in reporting by the state Reporting live, Alan Skyla News, Radio two Navy k Your old Thanks, Alan, 605 now, and Your News continues for Crane and Willie Estate planning.

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