Call of Duty 2020 Teaser Site Updates With Cold War References


Call of duty twenty, twenty teaser site updates with cold war references and code to unlock a door in warzone. Keep in mind. The next teaser takes place tomorrow August fifteenth. Now, all the official reveal of call of duty twenty twenty has yet to happen. It's teaser site now features cold war references a hint of things to come and even a code that unlocks get this a door in call of duty warzone. What is his store? Where is it? What are the numbers? We got all those juicy details in this article if you over to pond takes pawn dot com slash TV you'll be greeted by old television set VCR, phone, Chesapeake, and computer. If you're wondering the videos here if you like I need to show notes. News Gadget, Dot Net, and then you could just click on the article. You can click on link we'll take you there The, TV displays static. But if you click on a VHS tape above the VCR with nineteen, sixty, one, sixty, two. A video appears onscreen with real life footage of JFK space race, the civil rights movement to Cuban missile crisis the crisis and more as the video continues to play certain numbers will flash on screen including thirty seven. Twenty five in forty eight additionally, the VCR will occasionally flashed a text. WBZ Hyphen H, six, hyphen, four, nine, two, eight, five, one, six, three. At Charlie, Intel on twitter followed these developing teases closely and it was discovered that the h six in the above code was a reference to the farmland location and call it duty warzone players including procedures key use the code from VCR that being four, nine, two, eight, five, one, six, three on a door farmhouse had a keypad and it hit a secret room with further clues. Where did it go? Oh While let's find out. Here it is. He founded. Punching numbers. Where is it going or it Golan? Let's take a look. The door opens. Are Som-, and that's all I can show. I know I mean. But this is I can't I can only show so much Some of the documents found in the room included a list of chemical components and Chemical compounds sorry and references to W-a-n-n-a, which was a US counterintelligence program that helped decrypt messages from the Soviet Union. There are five by five mattresses that use to decipher these codes and they make reference to other warzone locations including quarry born bone yard, and prison. Furthermore, two codewords. Zephyr in Trident were written on two of the documents and if you're wondering, do we have the documents? Yes they are eight here. Blow the TV. There is a sticky note that has tangled web an EMC to written on it, and if you go to those associated pages, it takes two to other pages with more INFO. And it's interesting. Know your history. It has been revealed. Arrested document has been redacted. All we got on day two. There are four more redacted lines possibly stating what we getting a new clue everyday until potential reveal possibly of Kala Duty Twenty, twenty on Wednesday August nineteenth. No Way. No Way I'm looking at this on Article Interesting interesting interesting while we officially are still wondering what in the world is going to be going on with call of duty twenty twenty. We do know one thing it is being developed by TRIARC and Raven software and will integrate with call of duty warzone. So. See. What happens what do you guys think? What are these clues? What are they trying to tell us? Where is this going to go? What kind of information can we be expecting at us? Even, know.

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