Healing From COVID-19

In The Thick


Debbie Masar is an actress that you might recognize from the movie goodfellas. Less take it. Easy. Or entourage for younger sometimes lines the people you love best is the most loving. You can do you sound like a twisted fortune cookie. except. So, I reached out to Debbie when I thought I was sick and she immediately called the. She was one of the first people that I had seen posting publicly about being sick with covid nineteen. I don't know if she realized how important it was for me to hear from somebody who actually had it. So I wanted to reconnect with Debbie now that we've both recovered and I called her identity I'm Maria joining from Brooklyn. Yes. So officially welcomed in the thick and. We're talking about surviving in battling cove it and I remember when I first got sick. I. Was having a lot of anger and denial and anxiety and rage. You told me that this thing was gonna come in waves that I needed to be prepared. You told me at that point you were already in recovery and you're like I'm cleaning all the time and I was like, Oh my God, how can she even lift her arm? And so I'm wondering what was it that made? You understand how important it would be for you to. Talk to someone like me when I started to feel really sick it didn't feel like anything that I ever had before it was kind of weird and it was a collective thing that was happening in my house all at once with all of my family members, I always feel like it takes a village. I actually had people that were having similar symptoms as me and getting sick at the same time as me and we sort of formed this. Co vid nineteen like reach out center to each other going Oh my God I haven't have you got an oxy meter. Have you taken this herb? A lot of people are just suggesting things and things that they thought might help them but I really was so grateful for actually people reaching out to me that I'm also kind mommy like that like when people get it and they're confused. Because I had gone through it is well, I just wanted to be there for you and I had talked it on my instagram because there were no people talking about it and I remember you saying that you were getting backlash and so what was that like Debbie to not only get this but then you're very open hearted person people were coming at you during this may first of all, I was being told by my doctors that I know that I'm friendly with I'm sorry. Jeb. But I only have a couple of tests that were given to me and you just don't fit the criteria and I thought to myself. I'm taking the subway two to three times a day. I was in Italy, all of December and part of January I've been on airplanes. How do I not meet criteria? I have every symptom so we will when people started coming on. Instagram I mean first of all, this disease has been politicized at this point, which is wrong. So I, just felt there was an incredible. Amount of ignorance of arrogance of denial of people going like you know Oh. Gosh. You know it's only for like the people in. You know nursing homes. So you know like you when I see what's happening in the rest of the country where my heart. Goes you and I? We did. We survived there's definitely an awareness of kind of survivor's guilt for sure. I don't have any guilt. I'm thrilled. A great way to. End. It. There's no guilt here because I thought I would die my lungs are not the strongest they never have been since child I have chronic bronchitis. I've been a smoker most of my life and I had pneumonia a few years ago. So I thought I was going to die and I, have a family I have a lust for life and I hate needles because I survive I went and gave a huge bag of my convalescent plasma. I try to spread the word because this is far from over. People need to buckle up because it's going to be a rough road and we need the tools to know to be getting tested. Not think that because you have the antibodies necessarily that you're safe when you do get sick what are the things that can help you

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