Pandemic persists, new restaurants prevail in Philadelphia


Many restaurants are struggling to new restaurants and a pop up concepts are opening in Philadelphia. Okay, Y W. Said Oscar's nuts With the story obstacle. Some restaurants are still open. I'm chef owner Ricky Camacho opened a hoe in Northern Liberties. Jose inspired Mexican restaurant Tobias Moser is with the wayward in at the Canopy Hotel at 11th and Ludlow. That's an American brasserie and restauranteur in Michael's. Olson opened a new pop up in the 1500 block of Phantoms. Charcoal is a Korean concept. There have been some setbacks. We're supposed to open originally back in April, some of those particularly devastating I've personally had AH, lost my older brother to Cove in 19. Kamata says he believes his brother would have wanted him to continue with this. Opening, even at this time, something not an industry to get into if you're not willing to do whatever it takes to survive, so this is just a time where we have to do a little bit more. Wilson says he's in favor of Pennsylvania's dining restrictions, but adds that the full restaurant experience can't be felt solely through take out. You can't put lighting atmosphere service hospitality into it to go box and those air ads with travel on hold. Perhaps outdoor dining can fill that void since travelling is limited really about transporting you somewhere that gives you a feeling and that's the next level of dining. You know, Badass Cousin it's k y w news, radio time for

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