Dodgers Out-Slug Padres to Win High-Scoring Affair


A stunning finish on the double play off the bat of the former dodger manny. Machado as the dodgers hold on at pet, go to win seven six, they win the series as well over the Padres, two games to one John Shea Jim Russell back with you here on the wrap up show, we said the padres lead baseball by the way and runs per game last. Last segment. They entered the day third in runs per game at five, and a half runs per game on the season and against scored six runs here today. So they've been very, very good offensively. But again, with the loss, they fall to seven and six on the season. Let's hear from the manager who was jacked for the first time in his career. Here's Jay Taylor game. Yeah, it's always good to see. You know the guys continue to battle and. You. Know we've we. Kind of felt that you know inside the. In the DUGOUT when we've been down never really feel like we're out of it and you know get get the heart of the order up and chance to you know always be in the game and. You know look at the end Mandy you know squared a ball up to to left field and and They made a hell of a play I. Mean it was A. Had to be you know a perfect throw and it was a perfect one hop throw and a intact. So but dancer question Yeah. It's. It's good to see him battling back and chip away and. You know we. You know we we came up short. Your first managerial ejection tonight. That's something that had been building up over the course of the game with Margaret Mature, as more of a spur of the moment reaction to that dish. Now. It's a, it's not built up minutes. Look. I think manny thought the ball was down I. thought it was down and. You know it either I go with me and he goes I'm guessing. So it's simple as up. Your thoughts on how? To. Handle. I thought you know Came in You know we were looking for a little softer landing but. The NFL west, there's there's no soft landing especially with the dodgers and. looking for a spark and. He gave up to ground balls got through and and then obviously Peterson clicking man you know. Peterson Click a couple balls tonight. You know and. But but I was impressed with how he went back out in the second inning and. I thought that was good and it's always nice to kind of You know finish on a on a higher note, and hopefully he gets some confidence and you know continues to go forth. Interesting admission there from JAS Tingler. We were hoping for a softer landing for Luiz Patino. Remember we heard yesterday literally yesterday when he was called up, he would not initially be pitching and high leverage spots. He makes his Major League debut, not not with the lead, but trailing four too. So you could argue the leverage component of it, but Jim again, he went left left right left with the VP that a left-wing cory seager who's read hide Jock Peterson three homers in the series including the homerun again. Again Against Patino and again, you're going to have to get him at one point or another. If you call them up, there's a reason you call it Emma but Jeez in the history of big league debuts, can it be much more difficult for Patina than the inning he had to deal with there could not have been more difficult. You're facing an MVP facing the guys at thirty six bombs last year who was notorious for being i. mean you saw in the home run Derby last year he. Is. Ball's. Chris Taylor their professional hitter. It's not an, there's no easy ways to face the dodgers especially in a four two game. You put him in there hopefully to have Jason, Taylor said this thing and there by the way it's four nothing before with two outs, TAT tease homers. So all of a sudden the dynamic of the game has changed it's chain, but but seniors already ready like you've already said he's GonNa Pitch the sixth, right? Like you wonder again at four nothing there you go. Down seven nothing whatever. But at fourteen like well, I'm back in the game and you don't want him to get up and then sit down again and I'm sure that's the reason why they put them in the game like look he's already ready. Maybe. It might be not the best time to put him in. But look, we just hit a two run bomb to to get us going hopefully and putting a guy in there where he is one of if not the top prospect on this in this organization, hopefully, we can get another spark on this guy route that is

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