Hiroshima: Atomic Blast That Changed The World Turns 75


The United States dropped the first of two nuclear bombs on Japan. We are delaying the start of our scheduled program to bring you the latest direct report on the atomic bomb attack on Japan. It was on CBS radio, where Americans heard from correspondents like Webley Edwards report on the bombing of Hiroshima in Guam. We can W. Tibbets Jr of Miami, Florida. Out of the B 29 the first atomic bomb in history. Hired in 1957 former CBS radio correspondent Marvin Kalb worked with the generation of journalists who covered that bombing. Everything was dependent upon what President Truman or his top officials wanted to share with the American people, and that was very, very little. In fact, it would be weeks after the bombing. American journalists would even be allowed to report first hand from the destroyed Japanese city. Steve Dorsey, CBS

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