Survivors of COVID-19, who received hospital treatment, show increased rate of psychiatric disorders


More than half of people who received hospital treatment for Covid nineteen were found to be suffering from a psychiatric disorder a month. Later, a study has found. Out, of four hundred, two patients monitored after being treated for the virus, fifty, five percent were found to have at least one psychiatric disorder according to experts from San. Rafael Hospital in Milan found. The results based on clinical interviews and self assessment questionnaires showed post traumatic stress disorder in twenty, eight percent of cases depression in thirty, one and anxiety in forty-two. Additionally forty percent of patients had insomnia and twenty percent had obsessive compulsive symptoms. The findings increased concerns about the psychological effects of the virus. The paper published yesterday in the Journal Brain behavior and immunity says PTSD major depression, and anxiety. All high burden. noncommunicable conditions associated with years of life lived with disability, the study of two, hundred, sixty, five men, and one hundred, and thirty seven women found that women who are less likely to die from Cova than men suffered. Suffered more than men psychologically patients with previous positive psychiatric diagnoses suffered more than those without a history of psychiatric disorder. They said, psychiatric efforts could be caused by the immune response to the virus itself. All by psychological stresses, such as social isolation, psychological impact of a novel severe and potentially fatal illness concerns about infecting others and stigma outpatient showed increase anxiety and sleep disturbances while perhaps surprisingly, the duration of hospitalization inversely correlated with symptoms of St Depression anxiety and OCD.

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